CIU's League Challenge - Phase 2

Ok I will use ICBM as it destroys feathers.


Equipped with absolver beam.


I have a little challenge for @T-59

Very simple, beat my time record and fly unprepared.


I won this dare. @christian_f


can you show the proof for time record and unprepared medal


He’s right @T-59, I need a proof or else, you will failed this challenge


You need more screenshot like results, or otherwise you will lost christian_f’s challenge as newbie.

Don’t make my Senior Challenger of CLC’s disappointing, @T-59 .




Great Job, Ardhane271
You prove your skills, tactical and capable to CLC, I’m impressed.

Here’s your reward
For the first time that you complete my challenge, I will grant to hereby you for this rank “Recruit” for the first time.

Welcome to the officially CLC, @Ardhane271


Message Incoming to @ThisIsChristianF

UHF’s Headquarter reported planet called “Bartimore Honktier” at Honktier’s constellation has been supernova. UHF’s Scanner Protection has been scanned detected that cause got supernova is “Apple Core” (Shoot the Core), who’s wanted to make some trouble to the other species on the same constellation and tried to move on to the next constellation.

Here’s your mission to do for today, christian_f

  • Destroy the Apple Core
    • Grab your weapon like minigun (not a chaingun)
    • Collect coins as many as you can (if you collect coins more than 150 coins, you will claim this :medal_sports: from CLC for free)
    • Don’t collect any weapons and firepowers

UHF’s Headquarter will be pleasure for your honor and prestige as you are a Senior Challenger of CLC (Chicken Invaders Universe’s League Challenge).

May the Forks be with you

United Hero Forces Headquarter

Challenge : Complete the UHF’s Mission To-Do List and try not to lost a dare point

When a dare match has been sent to you, prepare yourself for this challenge will be started soon and don’t make UHF disappointing.


I’mma bit confused on what weapon should I get/use


Just like Riddler is a minigun, but Vulcan Chaingun is a chaingun.


Done finishing your challenge, I follow all the rules you said to me, except on that minigun thing
P.S, I have collected more than 150 coins, a total of 236

But this is not a good idea at all (not going to bash you), but there are some certain mistakes I have found, obviously my primary weapon is not a minigun, and I did not collect any fire power. Next thing, don’t tell me you’ve cheated that’s why I lost, and last but not the least, do this in a friendly match instead

Overall, I would rate this challenge, 2 out of 5 stars, because its complicated


OK, sorry. It’s only one original dare match from UHF’s Headquarter. Next time will be friendly match along until UHF’s Mission To-Do List will called you again.

Message from UHF

Congratulations, @ThisIsChristianF
You beat that Apple Core into dust and Honktier’s constellation is now safe and peace again.

Here’s your extra reward for complete this objective :
[Collect coins as many as you can]

:medal_sports: for 236 coins

Unfortunately, You complete our mission to-do list only, and you lost a dare point. There is why we can’t send another :medal_sports: to you. Next mission will be sending to you again in the future.

Stay Tuned and May the Forks be with You, christian_f the Senior Challenger of CLC

United Hero Forces Headquarter


Sorry I didnt take Screenshot. @Bigmos49216 if need proof, see score again. (same score)


Sad to say that you’re failed, better luck next time


@Bigmos49216 I have completed your challenge and I didn’t took a screenshot because I pressed on the wrong button by mistake. But the proof is that I didn’t changed the absolver beam, I continued with absolver beam till the end of the mission.


After Ahmed577 survived from environments in Feather Fields section, he heading into the Heroware to change his weapon in safety.

Don’t worry, It won’t get a mistake again some time.

*Solution : Choose a button and clear a job wisely before exit the session.

I glad you survived from that section with Absolver Beam, that was so close. You have to take a rest from now on. Take care yourself, @Ahmed577.

Here’s your reward


Thank you.


UHF’s Storage Authority of Legendary Prize has been sent this safe to @ThisIsChristianF for open it within any hours before it too late. After christian_f has been received, he start to read instructions follow the steps to open the safe.

15 Minutes Later… He knows that safe is using passcode required.

christian_f tried to open this UHF’s safe by using passcode from internet, but it seems not working to this safe. He finds out that safe’s instructions say “Passcode must work from those Henpire’s wave”. When he figured out that, he started the engines of spaceship, go out from homeland and take down those Henpire that hiding some digits there.

Meanwhile at Henterprise’s side, it’s detected that christian_f is coming to destroy some henpire for his purpose. So it wasn’t stay for vacation, it’s call for emergency call a Super Chick (It’s a bird, It’s a plane, …no, it’s definitely a bird.) for save the Henpire.

Hero of Mankind vs Hero of Henpire, who will win of this match? Find out together in this challenge.

Challenge : Keep remember those digits from Henpire’s wave

:warning: : If you didn’t keep remember those digits for open the UHF’s safe, it will be failed this challenge entirely.

A dare match will be sent to you in any minutes, please get ready for rush hour of UHF.

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