CIU's League Challenge - Phase 1

i dont know if i will have time for it since i still have 1 more day on final exam but if can i will do

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Maybe on third week of May, because I will be gone from this topic and CC’s topic due have to “Vipassana Meditation” for next month. And I have to prepare myself in this Sunday, that’s mean CLC and CC’s topic will be temporarily closed since this Sunday to 8th May until I will comeback to open it again soon.

Don’t worry, a dare match has a time limit within 2 days before expired. That’s mean I already dare you today.

@Bigmos49216 sorry but i screwed it up
i forget to change weapon to 0FP

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It seems you failed this challenge by unprepared.
Try again next time

Suggestion : Keep remember a challenge details to complete it by prepare your skills and tactical to enter the session.

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This is a last challenge for today, but only someone will be instantly promoted to next rank by complete this challenge first and prove your skills to be the next rank incoming.

This one for @ScarletCuboids, Is a last but not least?

Challenge : Do your best time record with your favorite primary weapon only (send everything you got and beat my time record)

*After you complete this challenge, you will be challenged for officially promoted your rank.

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I need to see your proof, @ScarletCuboids.
If no proof, it’s mean your challenge is null and can’t to be continue.

Ahh! Imma play later. (will record)

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[???] It seems like Ramon died during the process or something. We lost communication with him once the contact notification saying that he “Emerged Victorious”. Howerver. He got all on this reply file with the title too.

Note that we did not check results.

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I see it now, @ScarletCuboids. You beat my time record and it’s between 3 seconds. That was a close call.

Here’s your reward

After you beat my challenge, it’s your turn to challenge me with some serious rule to promoted your rank from “Recruit” into “Senior Challenger”.

Do you wanted to get this rank immediately? Prove it

Challenge : Create your challenge and dare me with hard difficult of your choice

Warning : Try to make this challenge getting harder than you created and encountered from it every time.

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Please select the true diifculty
  • Twisted (B rank)
  • Complex (B+ rank)
  • Hard (A rank)
  • Professionals Only (A+ rank)
  • Extreme (S rank)
  • Chaotic (S+ rank)
  • Lunatic (SS rank)

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stop cultural appropriation of tetris or something i dont know the twitter terms

bruh. get out of the box.

Pretty sure you ripped it off of tetris

I have done this months ago now I stopped. stop, I don’t like re-used fire.

Calm down folks, this is a CLC, not chatting place. I’m still watching this topic here.

anyway, clears throat You chose Hard difficulty. A challenge that’s worth grade A will be generated soon, not easy yet not so crazy. Prepare yourself.

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Attention please to all pilots, recruits and challengers

As Owner of CC and Committee of CC will apologies to all everyone that I will temporary closed these topic (CLC and CC) for 1 month. Due I have to gone outside for “Vipassana Meditation” since tomorrow afternoon (my time zone) to 8th May. So, all recruits and challengers can still dare and challenge the others in this topic without me, but beware if these topic (CLC and CC) permanently closed, that’s mean it’s gone forever.

But don’t worry, I will comeback to open it again in another topic soon in this 9th or 10th of May for continue to what happen next in the future. And also for CC, I will open for audition in third week of May. So you guys have only one month to prove your skills with your friends. When I comeback, I will get back to prepare for open the CC#4’s Audition coming soon.

Stay Tuned and May the Forks be with you, everyone

Owner of CLC and Committee of CC

#CC #ChattingPlace #CIULeagueTalkingPlace #blue_ocean’schallengetopic

I will see your challenge tomorrow morning, @ScarletCuboids. If I already gone on tomorrow afternoon, that’s mean your challenge rule will be marked on your list until I comeback from “Vipassana Meditation” on this 8th May.

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