CIU version 127

Off topic but what are you gonna do about this?

I have requested the soundtrack to be removed (“blacklisted”).

:warning: Also, a note about the upcoming soundtrack: The new soundtrack includes a previously-unheard bonus track (“Predator Chicken”), which is only available if you purchase the album. Do NOT post this track publicly, it is considered illegal sharing and will result in a copyright strike on YouTube, or a DMCA take-down notice elsewhere.


Hey IA what about this?

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Is Predator Chicken not gonna be added to CIU?

Maybe as a CHL-Exclusive or something?

Or is there a way for people who bought the album to also get the track in-game?

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I don’t think so, since literally anyone can extract game files and see it.

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An interesting idea, but it’s cosmetic and would require creating smaller icons for all mission types. I can’t address it during this period, but… added to list.

No. It’s going to remain a soundtrack exclusive for at least 12 months. Then we’ll see.


wonder how many people will actually listen


Hello! I have a question regarding the credits section.
If my callsign is listed in any part of the credits section (in my case, in the spanish translation one), but then my account in the next update gets deleted because of inactivity, will my callsign dissapear from there?

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Aw man, this soundtrack it’s gonna to be removed though this site since i already enjoyed it many times rather than that i wouldn’t support it somehow that it has the original along with the 2nd ones section from the most part on it if aware?

Why am I not in the localization?

It is an honor to be in the credits!

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Did you participate on translating the game? How many sentences/phrases have you translated?

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O ye, i completely forgot something does this soundtrack it would able arrive though streaming services another surprise after the original exclusive store release? @InterAction_studios

that cuz i was thinking to returning from the spotify for an while until for now since i’m done with the soundtrack site that it has the series soundtrack before it literally did taken down this today or possibly?

How come my callsign appear in “Quality Assurance” and I reported a bug from like many months?

quality assurance credits are from bug medals

Exactly the number of people who purchase the album :smirk:


If you only translated a few phrases, then you might not be listed.

No, just through Steam (and )


How much will it cost?
Wanna start saving.

She meant how many people will actually listen to the guidelines and not post the song online

Also, out of curiosity, how will you be able to find out who exactly posted the track?

Technically, so let’s see… how about the unheard track one where it’s getting an limited time period from months then release it the rest though streaming services (spotify only) in there on it after it’s already over this track it’s gonna to become normally? @InterAction_studios