CIU version 146

The second stage of Mother-Hen Ship doesn’t show the enemy health HUD when being damaged

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I asked this carefully because an idea or a report should be belong to who report/suggest that thing when they found something ingame by themselves.
In your case, if Zlaggamer allowed you to use his/her image to report the bugs, then it’s fine (they should know that too). But if he/she don’t know that you use their image without any permissions, i guess the medal should not be given to anyone (just my opinion about this).

Beside, i noticed that you use the image of other people many times (including mine). I don’t know that did they allow you to use their image but… Be careful in what did you do! Myself is very hate the copyright infringement issues.

Update: Information confirmed. Zlaggamer allow you to use his image. Now he can also get the medal bug like you.

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You don’t own a single pixel from CIU. It’s copyright of IA.

And yes, spaceship designs also don’t apply as your copyright.

By creating content in the Game (for example: choosing a callsign, customizing spacecraft, flying missions, or participating in competitions against other players), you automatically grant to InterAction studios a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sublicensable licence to use that content (including to reproduce, distribute, modify, display and perform it).
Terms of Service - Chicken Invaders Universe 13.

User contributions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Terms of Service - Chicken Invaders Universe 3.

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What do you mean about this? I only command to the information or something else with related to our life, not involving to anything belong to iA?

I mean that you don’t need to police that aspect. None of the screenshots of CIU are copyrightable.

If somebody finds a bug on other person screen then it should go to the person that noticed it.

Yes, nguyen(…) already credited zlagg(…) (you people have very long nicknames, pardon me for shorting it.) 8 days ago. You can see that the original post wasn’t edited so it was there before.

Adding more, only the pictures that you share here on this forum are licensed CC 3.0 and need to be credited. Which was done either way.

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I’m not talking about the CIU copyright. I’m talking about which thing is belong to someone.

Yes, but what if he/she didn’t report that directly, but by someone else that they don’t know?

Imagine you don’t do anything but you still get the bug/idea medal by somehow?

This is a content ID claim, not a copyright strike. It says so right in your screenshot. Your video is unaffected (unless you monetize it, I guess)


There is pupil tracking, but the glasses don’t leave much room for movement.

Same situation

All these are minor cosmetic changes. Allowed.

None of the stages show the health HUD. This is expected for bosses (with some exceptions).


Quick question: From the time Mother Hen-ship (villain) was released as a CIU boss, why there is no “strong/weak” contact between that boss and some weapon groups?

Warning :warning::rotating_light:
This guy is making ice-cream with GLASS, CHECK THIS IMAGE:-

I think iA should fix this before anyone gets hurt :face_with_head_bandage:


Hey iA, can you turn off the strong anti-cheat that can almost detect scans that’s introduced recently? I miss cheating the game and getting cursed results and probably crash the server a few times.


Why want to cheat? Can’t play fairly :skull:?

TBH this sounds… fun

Maybe you guys don’t know this.
ilfireli is the only person that iA allowed him to hack/cheat the game, so that he can find everything and help iA to improve the “strength anti-cheat” system.

This is what i knew when our game is still in Early Access phase.

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He’s rigth

Cheating was a part of my gameplay for the longest time, actually. It was part of the Early access fun.

Just don’t make the whole universe collapsed again.


No, I’m not the only person. I was just dedicated at finding what disasters I can do with simple cheats, so I was well-known for a pretty long while as the person who hacks the game, due to the amount of cheats I made. For instance, I caused everyone in a large area if the universe to never be able to play the game by simply forcing everyone to display an exhaust that doesn’t exists, leading to a game crash. All by just setting a tiny number higher than maximum.

Ohh, i thought that. Because i don’t see someone else except you at that time (or maybe i didn’t notice that).

And where is the fun in that if you just keep crashing the game? That just makes others annoyed. Its more like a “you” benefit.