CIU version 144

@InterAction_studios Can you check multiplayer? It’s out for some reason and for an hour now

Works fine for me but it can’t be only 1 game open

Busted for me too. I know my connection is decent enough.

Mine is too, was last time I saw it once (was yesterday) and twice here:

Can confirm.

I wonder if a Race showcase is a viable option for the future. It’s not as frequent as the Dailies, but not as long as a Weekly/IM. It’d also show how some players are proficient in wave optimization.


multiplayer not working even cant host game !


Mine multiplayer is also not working.
It is saying “could not connect to internet”


I managed to break something last night. It’s fixed now. Logout/login required.


If this was made for clarity to make it easier to understand for newcomers, it’d also make sense to do something to the languages button. When I go to the Google Play page I often see messages about the lack of language selection even though it’s right there, in the title screen.


Well, I don’t see a way of making the button any clearer, and I don’t want to have the extra step of selecting language when starting the game, so that only leaves the possibility of autodetecting the language at first startup and then having a button to change it in the Options menu (that’s how episodes do it).

There are two complications with CIU: (1) translation completeness/quality is not guaranteed and (2) translated phrases are not pre-packaged with the game, but rather downloaded from the server as a separate step.

Still, I’ll have to address this somehow.


Sorry for going off topic, but has the Discord server been hacked?

you mean cheeky ken

Tomorrow is April Fools. You’ve been fooled.


I logged out of the server LOL!

So i got a discord nitro


April fools, ima play the April 1st Weekly Challenge, wish me luck…

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Why Elijah Account did got banned?
Callsign :crown:U.S King Elijah​:crown:

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Did you saw this post?

And here’s answer

You do know that iA doesn’t own the Discord server right?

What does this have to do with what they said?

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