CIU version 144

I have an idea for a new wave, it’s called, “Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?” Basically how it works is on one of the sides of the screen we would have a group of chickens (what they are would be determined by difficulty) Anyways, the group of chickens would be in a barrier circle (so you can’t shoot them) And one at a time a chicken would go across the screen to the other side to and empty barrier circle, and eventually after a little while would fly back. Also they would fly across the screen super fast, hence the idea of them crossing the road, and crossing it fast. Comment down below what you think.

Good question

normally thats gonna show a number under it if its more than 1
but if its 1 it doesnt show any numbers and that makes it not be alligned
ig make it allign with the other icon when its only 1
literally all spaceship icons are like this…
except this one


Not worth it.

Changed in v.145 :medal_sports: Idea


can there be a thing where it shows how much each upgrade costs? (for upgradable items)

I’m not sure how this can be implemented. Maybe a separate button to reveal them? In the meantime, you can check the Fandom wiki site for each item’s upgrade cost.

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It would be an interesting idea where there’s a second button where you can buy the item and all subsequent upgrades in one go.

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Most of the pages on the wiki have outdated info so i wouldnt use it as a source of information
but I’ve got a spreadsheet containing all of the prices and stats of every item in the game


Just to remind, is it possible for something like this to happen in the game?


IA please can add toggle clockwise (CW and CCW) in Spawn Shield (Corona) my favorite clockwise from Hardpoints but it’s always never clockwise from worst all hardpoint same Spawn Shield (Corona).

Oh, I also have a problem with hard points. I purchased a lot of hard points and more than 2 hardpoints are for different ship. But problem is there are a lot of hard points and I want that some hard points would be shown if specific spaceship is choosen/loadout is open and we have chosen specific hard points for spaceship. otherwise if we open another spaceship loadout we will not see hardpts except the chosen hard pts.

ia muller is not heavy at all but about it in store told its heavy pls remove heavy word

Where did you even read that? Do you play with a language other than English in the game? According to the more advanced models’ descriptions written in English, they’re larger and slower.

but they re not slow and even bx are larger and slower and yes they are but mullers not i use english i told heavy cause bx like a heavy ship and cant be handled easy

i don’t see “heavy” anywhere


i mean slower that should be deleted

on missions with the massive environment, you can notice the speed difference between the models

this number and icon tells you how fast the ship will be during these kinds of missions


Naturally, spacecraft from the BX family are slower than others. However, there’s a fact that holds true with all families: The more advanced models are slower relative to their less advanced members. What point are you trying to make?

I think it would be good if there was a button that lets you sell only 10k of your foods at a Space Burger, in case you want to keep the rest of your food for whatever reason, and you can also get several Grill Hero medals whenever you have way above 10k foods and want to sell them

I have the following confusion. In the League, I have no right to challenge someone who has not logged in recently. I thought the scale with the green squares above which is written “Activity” reflects exactly that. But now I see that I can challenge players with 0 green squares, but also there are some that I can’t challenge with 4 green squares. So, my question is what does the green squares scale actually shows and how is it calculated?