CIU version 138 BETA

There’s a major addition in this update: You can now play the entirety of the “Cluck of the Dark Side” episode from within the “Profile” screen of CIU. The planetary chapters have been reworked to support 16:9 aspect ratio, some assets have been improved, and cutscenes are fully functional. All new CIU mechanics (spacecraft, weapons, boosters, etc.) should be seamlessly applicable.

With some minor exceptions, this is a faithful recreation of the original episode (let me know if you notice any obvious discrepancies). The only significant things missing are the unlockables and the “Mission Progress” screen, which is incompatible and generally a pain to implement. Oh, and you can’t customize the music.

  • This is a temporary and highly experimental (and likely highly buggy) feature, so report experiences here.

  • Planetary bosses have different health from CI5. Let me know if they’re too easy/too hard.

  • Also, please also fly a few regular CIU missions to make sure adding CI5 didn’t break existing functionality.

If will take a few hours for some DNS changes to propagate. In the meantime, if running the regular CIU.exe can’t connect, use run_this_if_you_cant_connect.bat instead.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:

You can link your existing account that you normally use. Progress on the BETA server is completely separate from the LIVE server. It’s based on a database snapshot when v.137 was released, so your progress will be rolled back slightly (when compared to your live account). And, when the new version is officially released, any progress you made on the BETA server will be lost.

Multiplayer games will work, however note that your network connectivity will not be correctly detected by the BETA server (I think it will always say “Port-restricted cone NAT”). If there is a discrepancy between detection and your actual NAT type, then you will not be able to join some multiplayer games (even if they are listed). If the discrepancy lies on the host side, then none of the guests will be able to connect.

I don’t know how long server will stay on-line, but I will notify as I take it off-line and back on-line.


beta time
planetary missions are here

Is it DLC like kokos mentioned?
Or it will be a seperate standalone later?

why there is ghost trail, laser scope and pixel dust here during story


lets gooo! (is it singleplayer?)

The percentages were missing the black border

Some notes while playing:
:thought_balloon: - Thoughts, :mag: - Observations, :x: - Inconsistencies, :bug: - Bugs

  • :thought_balloon: Maybe the mission should force a power 0 Hypergun start similar to what the anniversary mission does. Starting with 8 firepower makes it too easy right away and you likely won’t get to see the weaker power levels of weapons
  • :thought_balloon: All weapons are available but I don’t know if they’re going to be restricted with this rework, or if the weapons that were not in CI5 are still going to be obtainable
  • :thought_balloon: Enemies die fast regardless of skill, probably has something to do with not being designed with CIU’s better weapons in mind. SSH only adds about 5 chapters worth of health to them. I think the skills here might have to either swap enemies with harder variants or give a health multiplier independent of the mission difficulty, like other people suggested in that poll
  • :mag: Some of the old CI5 waves keep the new names they got from CIU like Back to Basics
  • :thought_balloon: Due to the above change, what would happen with the translations? Would they use the existing ones, or would we get community made translations similar to CIU?
  • :x: The first wave uses the extended CIU version with 5 formations instead of 3
  • :mag: Since the Henterprise uses regular CIU health scaling, the first encounter has around 380k health with SSH which is relatively ~3.8 times more than on Rookie. A lot of the bosses after it have less health than that, such as Special Forces (only 160k).
  • :bug: Feathers in the chapter 2 and chapter 11 cutscene stop rotating after a while, but this also happened in the original game
  • :mag: Hero quotes in cutscenes arent affected by the chosen UI colors, but in-mission they are
  • :bug: Hen Solo’s cameo does not have a visible engine for some reason
  • :mag: The issues with To Infinity and Beyond (one chick/barrier spawning on screen, barriers disappearing as soon as all chickens die) got fixed
  • :x: Marching On (wave 29) is the mirrored variant, not the one that was in CI5
  • :bug: There’s a tiny ground cut off at the start of the water chapter
  • :bug: It’s possible to pause soon after reconnecting while the level hasn’t fully loaded. It also happens when the game is out of focus while logging in

  • :mag: The wave 34 tentacle doesn’t surround the screen area like it used to due to the play area change
  • :mag: The tentacles themselves and probably some other planet enemies always have the same amount of health regardless of skill
  • :thought_balloon: I think shooting through ground is a lot more noticeable in cases like damaging the tentacles in wave 36, and some weapons, especially Photon might expose it more
  • :mag: Some planet bosses in CI5 (notably the jellyfish boss) made it impossible to crash into ground on their waves, but that’s not the case here
  • :thought_balloon: Not sure if wave 37 still needs to be zoomed out when the play area change already gives a lot of free space
  • :mag: Absolver Beam must hit ONLY the chick hitbox of the jellyfish boss to get the increased damage or else it doesn’t count
  • :mag: Jellyfish boss’s health scaling might need to be adjusted since it ends up being weaker than the previous two bosses on SSH
  • :x: Centipede (wave 43) is the mirrored variant (line spawns on the top of the screen), not the one that was in CI5
  • :mag: Corncobs in Amazing Maize get destroyed with just one Plasma hit
  • :x: The Magic Flute (wave 49) ends too early, it doesn’t have the part with Pilot Chickens in eggs at the end
  • :bug: Some of the chickens in wave 51 fly through terrain
  • :mag: Chickens in wave 53 kind of fly from inside the ground if you look closely
  • :bug: A crystal on wave 57 visibly spawns onscreen
  • :bug: Screen shaking on Heart of Darkness exposes the ground cut off
  • :bug: The last egg ship chicken on wave 72 visibly spawns onscreen
  • :mag: Ice Cubed itself seems still vulnerable to the Bird-Flu Gun, just one satellite with full ammo should be able to deplete most of its health
  • :mag: Ice Cubed’s debris attack flies above the player most of the time, making it not very dangerous
  • :mag: Nothing stops you from tampering with the files and editing the Ice Cubed boss structure or the .level files, since the game doesn’t detect that as cheating
  • :thought_balloon: Lethal Connections (wave 84) with only UFO Chicks seems harder than how this wave turns out in regular CIU missions, maybe they should only have harder enemy spawns?
  • :x: The barriers on Lethal Connections (wave 84) and Three Stroke Engine (wave 91) are invincible, but the ones on From Cover to Cover (wave 88) aren’t, seems inconsistent
  • :x: Palpitating Grid (wave 96) is easier (2 sets of enemies instead of 3)
  • :x: The movement of chickens in Tribute (wave 98) seems faster than in CI5
  • :mag: Space Crab has less health than the bosses surrounding it
  • :bug: Chapter 11 also has the “Artifact Recovery Mission” subtitle for some reason
  • :bug: UFOs still spawn CIU’s chickens with the proximity eggs
  • :bug: Wrong shirts on the chickens spawned by the coop boss
  • :bug: Still possible to fly under the coop like this
  • :bug: Wrong chickens in Hend Game too
  • :bug: Not related to the CI5 episode, but the mission codename disappears abruptly with pro gamer mode enabled

When we started chapter, the theme wasn’t playing and delay to next wave

Let’s go!!!

this laser should not be here.

when you dont have any money to buy CI5:


how to play it for free the legal way

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LIVE test

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Better unequip any hardpoint in your spacecraft, prevent any bad situations

extra live or extra missle when?

I’m using Superstar Hero skill but those chickens still not changed. They are same as how they appear in Ci5 default


oh yea, if you know, it already existed in the translation menu. even way before this


even in game file has 2 sound files that sound like extra live and extra missle

And… the freckled chickens in CIU release the drone eggs, not the normal eggs like their default.