CIU version 136 BETA


There is new content in v.136, and there’s bound to be spoilers ahead, either in the original post or its replies. If you’d rather keep the new content a surprise, stop reading now.

It’s been a while, but I have been feverishly working on a new boss. Yes, for the entire last 8 weeks or so. I will make a detailed post during the v.136 release proper, but for now suffice it to say that this has been a very complex and challenging boss to implement. But I think the end result is worth it.

New things are always buggy things, and since it is no longer possible for me to instantly release hot-fixes, I’m going to run a BETA server to iron out the kinks before releasing this officially.

To make testing easier, the boss for all Invasion missions (and other similar/compatible mission types) is always the new boss. It will also appear on all difficulties – note however that in the official release it will be restricted to higher difficulties (possibly at least 65%).

Please post feedback here about technical issues (slowdowns, graphical glitches, etc), as well as gameplay/difficulty of your fights.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:

You can link your existing account that you normally use. Multiplayer games will not work. Progress on the BETA server is completely separate from the LIVE server. It’s based on a database snapshot when v.135 was released, so your progress will be rolled back slightly (when compared to your live account).

I don’t know how long server will stay on-line, but it should be online for 24 hours at least. It will also depend on your feedback. I will notify as I take it off-line and back on-line.


UCO 5 when? Beta Ver

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Is the BETA Version downloadable on Android?

Its attack is DAMN INTENSIVE, love that.

And hey he looks so suprised :>


Bug: Its arms can smash through player’s respawn shield, killing the player immediately even during the invulnerability time just after respawning. This only applies to its arms, all other attacks are correctly protected by the invulnearability shield.

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That’s understandable, but yeah. Another bug: When you respawn but flying up to the boss, it’ll kill you immediately even with invul shield

Fixed in v.136.2 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed above.


Burger should appear in Food Raids (with equal weight for both bosses), since Chef is still the only boss that appears there. All the other Special waves/missions have two bosses.


Changed in v.136.2 :medal_sports: Idea


Anyone that participates in Beta version of CIU should have a medal for Beta Testers or credited in the credits

um what

hey @InterAction_studios, do I have to connect to a specific balancer to get multiplayer to work? It works on v135

Same email but progress was reset back to May or sooner?




Unless the server to the snapshot server wasn’t updated until now

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I’m not sure, but when you finish the burgermeister, the progress bar doesn’t fill up all the way

Is it intended for bread to hurt you when flying off the Burgermeister?? At first I thought this worked similar to Sweater Chicken’s clothing.


I already post that shield is not working on discord and the power-up that make you immortal also is not working property

If you fly on top of the screen when the eyes should appear they are locekd/stuck and sometimes don’t show to player

Sound is desynchronized with the flying burgers
The progress bar hits 83% when the boss was dead
Record maybe help


destroying the eyes gives you a powerup but they have no effect on the boss itself and the boss can die without any damage dealt to the eyes, kinda weird

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Would be also cool to deal a little bit more damage when hitting eyes (unless it does, but didn’t notice it).

will you do something with it when its eyes are exploded, iA?
For example, let it attack undirected or not properly aimed at the player

I am curious who is this guy :smile:
(the top pilots/ top squadrons need to be refreshed or we wait until tomorrow)