CIU version 135


It certainly has been quite an adventure, but the Android version has been officially released! Well, it’s still in the “open testing” (or “Early Access”) phase, but it will be moved to “production” within the next few days. You can download it here:

Sadly, Google Play only supports 64-bit apps and will flatly reject 32-bit code, so you may find that your device can’t install the game. This includes some devices which have 64-bit hardware but have a 32-bit OS installed (this can happen if you have a low- or medium-tier device with less than 4GB of RAM).

An update for iOS has also been pushed to Apple’s App Store. It’s unclear how long you have to wait until it’s available for download world-wide. Report your experiences here.

Oh, and yet more anti-cheat measures. Because cheaters will cheat.

Bug/Idea medals will be awarded later in the day. Note that your medal cannot be awarded if your in-game callsign doesn’t match your forum name (put it in your forum profile where it says “name” so I can find it).


You will lose:

  • any mid-mission progress
  • your language selection


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes

  • :gear: Deleted users who haven’t logged in during the past week and have less than 10 minutes of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the past 4 weeks and have less than an hour of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the last 12 months and haven’t set an e-mail. Note that users with any purchase are never deleted.

  • :bulb: Easter Edition: Amplified “fur impact” sounds.

  • :bulb: Easter Edition: Superchick (rabbit) boss: Replaced death sound. (@OrvilleTheOrca :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :gear: Android: Now uses BASS v. (was previously v.

  • :gear: Strengthened anti-cheat measures.

  • :gear: Android: Added more AKEYCODE key mappings (, . / ; ’ \ ] [ ` - = ctrl and numeric pad)

  • :gear: Better log management.

  • :gear: Instrumented client to debug rare timing instabilities.

  • :bug: Quests: Fixed “use spacecraft” goals accepting more spacecraft models (within the same family) than the goal specifically states (@P.Linh :medal: Bug)

  • :bulb: Mission Outcome screen: Added multiplayer mode.

  • :gear: Improved “invalid slot configuration” error logging.

  • :gear: Android: select() SOCKERR_EINTR errors (“Interrupted system call”) are now non-fatal.

  • :gear: Removed Easter Edition content.

  • :bug: Android: (Possibly) fixed cases where the Android text field and keyboard would disappear, but the game would be stuck still waiting for text input to end (possibly related to pressing the “home” button during text entry) (@VerMishelb :medal: Bug)

  • :gear: Android: Pressing BACK key now also applies text changes (previously, they were discarded).

  • :gear: Better key cost verification on server.

  • :bug: Fixed crash when disconnected from server while in the “Fleet → Loadout” screen.

  • :bug: Henterprise: Final phase (magenta laser) firing sound effect can now be heard from both left & right sides (@RainbowBoyVN :medal: Bug)

  • :gear: iOS: Product data request is now periodically retried if it fails the first time (e.g., no internet).


now that’s a lot of :gear:

So what to do if my device is armeabi-v7a ?

Game refuses to launch on my Mac via Steam for Windows, while the standalone version is stuck in borderless (any changes will crash the game instantly).
Edit: took me several tries but it seems to work now.

Then you can’t play the game :frowning:


Wait for the miracle to happen and you should be able to download (Me too :'< )

only if google accept 32-bit code

And why don’t you make your own CIU version 135 apk for arm7, that could be great

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Help, I can’t see AD :sob:

This thing in the review does not load (“your opinion” or something).

ADs got BSoD :(

every changes for Easter Season were ready to function, and it still fine until…


In case your game doesn’t want to update through Google play — remove it and install again in Google play itself. Don’t forget to make sure your account is linked to an email.

Can you put the Android Stand-alone 32 bit? Because some players (include me) can’t download the Google Play Versions


I think they can release the armeabi-v7a game here as they did before

Can’t that solved by releasing armeabi-v7a here or trying with Google play ? :sweat_smile:

Google play won’t allow posting v7 version and standalone won’t support AD which is supposed to be the main source of income for this game.

Imagine allowing only CHL owners to play in the Android standalone version :clown_face:

Also unlikely because who even buys CHL AND plays on mobile as their primary platform?

It supports Ad :sweat_smile:
Ads can display in apps that’s not published in GP at all
It’s about the ads unit stuff which isn’t related to google play

i checked with apk editor app then i check app ciu open Full edit and it is Unknown file