Chicken invaders universe ideas


PartyChicken I call it the Party Chicken, i hope it gets added into the game


Will it have some sort of “black market” in the game.


Maybe it can have some sort of journal which the player fill as they progress in the game.The journal is a temporary name and is like a placeholder.Suggestions can be made on a suitable name.

The journal would have the enemies encounters page with the enemies and their respective weapon strength and weakness as well as a weapons page which states each weapon obtained and the respective strength and weaknesses of the weapon.There would be information about each enemy and weapon.

The only way to determine the strength and weaknesses of each weapon and enemies is to use it on everything thus by learning by trial and error.After each mission the journal will be updated with new information once it is new and each mission is completed.

Also the journal would give the number of enemies encountered/killed and the number of times a specific weapon been collected.

This is long and cool idea that would be hard to implement but it would prove to be tremendous benefit to all the players of Chicken Invaders Universe.Whoever read the entirity of this idea I am true greatful for your time reading this idea.:smile:


I had an idea, I hope you like it. My idea is an artifact that will help you to track these alien containers across the map, that is, they will appear randomly and you can search for them to have a free satellite or for fewer keys than in the store.


in CIU may appear the satellite called frost helper this satellite will not act on the enemies if not on the ship itself (but if you can not and attacks enemies your name will be frost slayer), this satellite will avoid the overheating by lowering the heat of your weapon while holding it down, it will last the same as the barbequer but be careful because if you leave it pressed for a long time your ship will be conjelara and may be your end.


thats a cool chicken


some power ups that I could come up with:

  1. Dash: It gives you the ability to do a dash which makes it invincible for that time. It would be concerned with pressing the missile button or X button for the skills and direction where it will be executed.

  2. Revenge: this power is only activated by having lost 1 or more lives what it does is that for each life lost its damage goes up by 25%.

  3. Lonely hero: this power is activated by not having any satellite accompanying you, NPC or assistant of some kind, this will increase the damage by 15%.


I would call it bestiary.


There’s a feature planned called Chick-o-pedia that does something similar to what you describe. It’s quite complex, though, and will have to wait until a later update.


Here’s a minor idea I thought of…maybe the difficulties could affect which waves are zoomed out(and how much) and which ones aren’t? Here’s an example: chicken multiplicity could have a 200% zoom out on rookie,180% on veteran and 160% on SSH. What do you think?


That is longer. In the other episodes they are of 10 waves.


Chapters have 10 waves,not missions. Missions were 120 waves long in ci3-ci5 and 110 waves long in ci2.


Thoſe ideas are great! There are juſt 2 conſiderations I’d like to point out, though.
The problem with direct aſſault mode is that it’s often eaſier to avoid projectiles if they’re all pointed ſtraight at you; all you have to do iſ keep moving ſlightly. The hardeſt in my opinion are a few eggs (going down), a few random ſquiggles, and a few things aiming at you. It is for this reaſon that I think that the propoſed direct aſſault mode ſhould give leſs of a bonus. 5% ſounds good to me.
The ſhield ſatellite, I think, ſhould kill you if you run into it- I’m not ſure whether that was your thought too or not, and I think that either it ſhould block the player’s ſhots, or it ſhould ſuſtain ſome level of damage when being ſhot through, juſt to keep from making the game too unfair to our fowl friends!


Yeah,perhaps you’re right for assault mode. But the thing is,this means that you always have to keep moving and you always have to watch out for projectiles. Also,by "few eggs going down,few projectiles going randomly and a few aimed at you,do you mean that the projectiles have a random chance to do one of these? Also,it seems like you didn’t read the part where I said that some projectiles would also home into you.
The shield satellite is supposed to protect you,and not give you an extra enemy you need to avoid,and I don’t think that it would make it unfair for chickens.


No, I read the part about homing projectiles, but at the end of the day, how many of thoſe are there? Do we count the chickens that ſhoot thoſe purple ſquiggles ſtraight at you if you’re in range, and otherwiſe ſhoot as cloſe to you as they can get? Although I ſuppoſe that the pſychology of it might make it a lot harder than it ſhould be, and looking back at CI5, I notice that they give a 10% bonus for requiring twice as many food per miſſile, which ſeems eaſier than your prepoſal, ſo I ſuppoſe it is worth the full 10%. Unleſs, of courſe, that the ſcoring bonuſes are going to be a lot harder in CIU.
As for the ſhield, I ſuppoſe you have a point; after all, the chickens don’t die when they run into their ſhields! Obviouſly the hero’s ſheild ſhould look quite different from the chickens, though, and I think if poſſible the ſhield ſhould kill chickens that run into it, and the chickens ſhould avoid doing ſo, although I’m not ſure how much of a pain this’d be to programme.


Would it be poſſible to have a feature that allows the hero to fire juſt one ſatellite at a time? It always bothers me that I have to uſe them all when one will do.


Yes,we do count those chickens that shoot purple bullets. And I know that there aren’t many of these enemies,but the ones that do exist do appear a good amount of times. And nah,they could just make it so the chickens take away a huge amount of health from barriers when they run into one


I came up with another idea…
Speedrun mode,
In this mode,the waves(but not the next chapter) can start automatically(there are exceptions,like the waves that rotate your ship). Basically,when all of the chickens show up on the screen,you only get a certain amount of time to kill them(5 seconds should be enough,though it should be changed in certain waves). If you take too long,the next wave is going to start,and you’ll have to deal with multiple waves at once! There is a limit though,there can’t be more than 3 waves at once.


I have new idea I hope u add It… It’s called
The Almanac … It tells you any info about chickens and powerups and some Bios about chickens so you will know what are they… :wink::wink::wink::grinning:


That’s already planned.