Chicken invaders universe ideas


Oh what is it called??


It’s called the Chick-o-pedia.


Oh nice how many new weapons should be added???


How would I know this?


When CIU will be released???


Would you do us all a favour and read all four plan updates? That would ſave you the effort of asking theſe things, and us the effort of reſponding, as well as giving you the information you’re asking for more quickly.


What do u mean traveller???


OMG. Bro he means: Just read the plan updates from InterAction Studios, to see what they planned for now the new game to be, stop spam at everyone knowing things and things like that.


Agreed, I see you are still using that weird s letter m8?:grinning:


He means that you read these Plan Update #04 , Plan Update #03 , Plan Update #02 , and Plan Update #01


oh okay BTW pls notify me when Chicken invaders universe has been released


InterAction Studios will let us know.
As far as telling you ourſelves, I, for one, am not going to tell you anything, for the ſimple reaſon that I aſſume that you are capable of reading other people’s poſts, and I have better things to do than to write a Reader’s Digeſt verſion of everything that comes through the forum. Although it admittedly is a good exerciſe in ſummerizing.


I will not reply him again. He is just slow mindless guy.


Why.??.. Who??? ???


I dont know bro :scream:


Lol hahahahahahahahaha…


For some reason,I can’t edit my old posts,so I’ll just leave a reply,instead…so uh,here’s an updated image for the shield satellite,this one was made by @PeriCore path8928-3-0


I really like those ideas with the exception of Nukes in that sense. Perhaps it’s just me but having a literal wave killer sounds a bit too much to me, especially when waves are supposed to be very long. I especially love the healthy mode because it sounds like something I would take as a challenge.

The shield barrier should have health AND time limit. For the sole reason that you could otherwise just cheese bosses that have low fire rate. Because that in theory would just cause you to cheese those bosses. And with multiple shield barriers, that would get even easier. Just my personal opinion. ^^

Regards ~ PeriCore


Ok,thanks. I’ll see if I can change it