Bugs and a Questions!

So in the Comet Chase missions “CI3 Victory” music is played automatically, but if I chose that music in “Wave Music” it will restart playing in boss time, the same goes for Supernova missions and Asteroid Belt missions, when I chose their auto music in “Wave Music” it restart playing in boss time and I think the same happens with “Boss Music” too,

Also I have a question about the 90% food/coin collection, do you have to kill all the enemies, get 90% of the food/coins in order to get them or you get 90% of the food/coins from the ones that you only killed?

About the key situation: the career medals are awarded immediately are the end of the wave and the key are dropped late, for example: the Supernova missions.

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1- I never choosed a music so I can’t tell my opinion.
2- Yes, You have to kill all of them and pick at least 90% of the food/coins. (Correct me If I’m wrong)
3- I’m sorry but I don’t understand this one.

1-Try choosing and you will see what I’am talking about.
2-Are you sure? Cause I don’t know?
3-I talked about it in my last topic: Mysterious Ship/Keys Bug!

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Didn’t Orandza explain about the keys and medals? Oh and also, About the 90% food/coin collection, I guess it is about killing all enemies and collecting at least 90% of their food and coins, I tried that once and it didn’t work when I didn’t kill all of them. About the music: Let me try it.

Yea, but I noticed while playing a Supernova mission that the time between the career medals and the awarded keys is very short, so maybe it could be a little longer.

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Oh and also Alucard just discussed about it being short too, Anyways let me tell my opinion about music:
Well if you meant about the fact that it stops for a while then replays then yes I feel this is a bug.

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Although the music bug is a little funny :joy:

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Yeah but still needs to be fixed.

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That music thing happens because both the default wave music and boss music are the same while being technically separate. Changing the wave music isn’t going to change the boss music, so the default one gets played instead.


Even if it isn’t a bug it helps to restart your music after a while, but I reported it to know if it’s a bug or not.

This happens for the reason @EmeraldBirb mentions. To fix this I would have to check if the current music matches the music for the upcoming wave (which has not been created yet), which is problematic to implement. Won’t fix.

This one.

Known. Not easy to fix (for reasons I’ve mentioned elsewhere)


Regarding the keys thing, is it possible to make them spawn directly inside the spacecraft so we immediately collect them without visibly appearing? Or make the drop unrandomized so we always know where to place ourselves to collect them, or make those keys follow our ship? We cleared the wave, we deserve those keys, and their purpose is not to watch them disappear because our bomber is too slow to pick them all up.


Interestingly there was already discussion on guaranteed keys, kind of long discussion. And some players think that it isn’t great because it somehow connects to skill.
Have a look:

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Yeah, keys sometimes are invisible when dropped in a full-screen explosion (ex:Henterprise)


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