Assist Droid

Cost: 699
Description: One-man world saving is boring, how about an assistant?
Max: 1 unit

This is just hen solo but a droid is replaced, can only be used in H&Cs because there aren’t Millennium Hatchling yet (a good reason to buy them, heh?)

This droid-pilotted ship needs only Reactor and Heat Sink and Weapon

It will deal like 40% of the real damage for H&C101, 45% for 201, 50% for 301
Its damage increase by 7% every rarity

100% Hen Solo droid

Share feedbacks below m8s
Also tell me and link if this is already suggested


Good idea!

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Technically I did suggest something vaguely similar before, but as an alternative to satellites instead.

And even then, I wasn’t the first one. The wingman is a pretty popular suggestion overall.


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