A secret "Chest Storm" level in "Meteor Storm"

I find that flying Meteor Storm is a bit boring and somewhat repetitive - just asteroids after asteroids, and an UCO or Magneto Chick at the end of it.

What if in some levels, meteors are replaced with … chests from the CI3’s Bonus Level?
Makes these levels a bit more interesting to trek past.
I chose chests because like meteors, they are not chicken, they drop coins, atoms and giftboxes like meteors, but are not meteors.

I know these meteors give you extra points depending on how close you are to them with a star rating, but that alone doesn’t really make it that interesting.

This secret level also keeps Meteor Storm’s intended repetitive level design,
while at the same time not make it feel too … boring to fly through a lot of.

Tweak #1: Since this level is supposed to be a secret, the title should still be “Meteor Storm” to be undistinguishable from other levels in level title listings, but the level itself has a special subtitle to it.
(which only gets shown if you’re experiencing it while flying)
I think it should be like: “Meteor Storm” … wait, are those chests?

Also, since it’s a secret level it won’t appear that often in Meteor Storms,
in some cases, maybe not at all.

Should this “secret level” be added to Meteor Storm?
  • Yes
  • Yes, but … (reply below)
  • No (reply why below)

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I remember once that “Asteroid Vortex” and “Asteroids, No really” waves were suggested to be put in meteor storms missions. Sadly declined despite being good with it.

But I don’t agree with putting Treasure boxes in this missions as it is not appropriate with it’s concept.

Alternatively. You can create another asteroid waves with different concepts of traveling. then It would be fine for everybody I think.

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UCO 4*

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Oh damn, that’d be cool.


I suggested something similar:

This was back when I was weird. Also I edited the topic after a year.

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I voted no simply because I absolutely hate the chest wave. Besides, it’s a meteor storm for a reason.

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Either stupidly easy or just annoying to clean sweep depending on your equipment. And I just don’t like the wave really.

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Having a wave that it is not appropriate with the mission concept is not a good thing. I like the chest wave but I don’t find it nice to have it in meteor storms.

It is meant to be a “secret” level. The chance you’d find this level is extremely low in Meteor Storms.
It just makes it more interesting for those who fly/have flown a lot of it.

Seeing meteors all the time, while makes sense in a Meteor Storm level, but gameplay-wise this gets repetitive pretty fast.

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still it is “Chest wave”, not meteorities. not appropriate even if it is a “secret”.

Not that it does much for the variety anyways. I think it would be better to just have waves designed for this mission which would be similar to regular chicken invasions but with meteors flying around occasionally. So meteor storms would have the current waves with just meteors, but also chicken invasion waves with meteors, altho far less of them.


Because of how this secret chest wave is designed (very rare chance of appearing), not a lot of people are going to notice that.

In the future someone’s gonna be like “Did you know Meteor Storm has a secret wave where there’s a lot of chests with coins in them? This level is pretty rare in Meteor Storms though” or something like that, which will cause a lot of people to double check this and fly a lot of waves just to find this “unique” wave in a series of levels with nothing but meteors.

The reason why I chose chests is because like meteors, they are not chickens and give coins + some additional chance of firepower/powerup when destroyed. (They feel like meteors, but are not meteors) Plus chests are perfect for a secret level that feels off, hence being more memorable once you’ve seen it.

PS: having levels featuring Chickens with meteors just makes Meteor Storms feel more of a Feather Fields clone, but with destructible rocks instead of huge feathers.

But also, not every level type has to be diverse to be fun.
The goal for this secret level isn’t to add variety to a level type that doesn’t really need one, it’s just to add a little special secret in there for those who’ve done tons of it, or planning on doing a lot of it.
Repetition isn’t fun, but throw some surprises into the mix, and suddenly it becomes a whole lot more interesting.

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you would be able to just find it easily through league and thats it

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Then create a new wave of meteorities with an unique or different way of travelling like the other 2 and publish it here and make it a “Secret”, Your Chest level is never appropriate about it or appropriate to be a secret, it’s known for almost all of us.

But diversity attracts most of the interest.

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True. But to have a diverse set of level types, some level types are supposed to not be diverse.

I think it should be a mission instead of a secret wave.

Not really - have the title be “Meteor Storm” but subtitle be something else would completely hide it away. Like: “Meteor Storm” … wait, are those chests?

Least I think that’s how the Forks work.
Haven’t tried League but I don’t think the League lists the level’s subtitles - you only see it if you’re experiencing the level.

You’re right. I forgot Iron Egg was for Comet Chase, and not this. Whoopsies!
Anyways, fixed.

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