Changing color palette for Space Background

As the title implies, it would be nice to change the color of the space background. The way Intend it, is that you can change the color of the backgrounds you bought, so this can’t be applied for the CIU original background (tho it could be made purchasable as well with this).
It would work the same as ship color costumization and it would be accessed from the Galactic store or pain screen itself. Environmental mission (like red background on suns) won’t have an effect on a customized background.


I don’t know if this is necessary, I don’t think we should go this far in terms of customization. Having the starfields become red, green, and blue on the respective missions is enough in my opinion.

That probably hurts /s

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Green backgrounds aren’t in the game though, as Retro missions force the retro starfield to appear


I laughed too much… Has someone a spare lung?


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