Why playing with a friend got to be so complicated?

Like how it says above, why its gotta be so complicated? When I try to connect to my friend’s lobby it says that my router employs a “Port restriceted cone NAT”.

Can’t it be just a simple invite and that’s it?

Hope it will be updated in the future so I can continue playing it with a friend. we stopped playing the game because of it sadly.

Cause its not possible to play with two different NATs (I don’t know the reason, but its just not possible)

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Also 1 more thing, I think it was when we used VPN, I tried to connect to my friend’s lobby and it just said “Establishing Route” for a really long time with nothing further then this.

try connecting to another country in your VPN app

if you use a pc you can try to use a vpn named “hide all ip”

oh and by the way, if it keeps doing establishing route one of you need to disable firewall

Hmm… Why this kind of issue only happens in CIU? None of other multiplayer games ever got this occurred. Even small, even large

because vpn is slower than just directly connecting?

doesn’t that just mean you can simply join your friend’s room? a port restricted cone NAT is the most popular one and doesn’t have a lot of restrictions. if you have issues, see if your friend has a symmetric NAT.

i fail to see why this is complicated. the game simply warns you about your router config, all the other things the game have already taken care of.

already suggested

not true. it is rather something like this (colors not relevant, only used to easily distinguish between the lines)


Most modern games use servers instead of direct connection between the players. In CIU the server is only responsible for routing the two together I think, and the rest of the stuff, like generating the waves.

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i have very little idea about all the networking stuff but i find this thing rather interesting?

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