Why No replies?

I was checking EA topic in May 21st, it was closed.
You can see this topic here:https://forum.chickeninvaders.com/t/joke-topic-eas-involvement-in-chicken-invaders/1377
That sad.

RIP post with the most replies on forum. But hey, it’s dead and it’s a joke, so no one needs to care anymore.

I was gonna say that. Even EA didnt remind themself to save the topic. Well because of the bumpers we have new rules(14 days+no replies=closed topics).

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Well actually people were keeping it alive,not us, there was always something going on there, but eventually people lost interest, some even ruind it all, and I didn’t want to bump it for no reason. All good things have to end, but we still broke records with that topic. :slight_smile:
Also with that topic beeing closed, we are now free to roam the forums! :smiling_imp:

“We are free to roam into forums”?
That being said, i’m probably sure you’ll ruin them if i, of course, don’t stop ya. :smirk:

how to become a annoyance to a padody account 101

Why are you following me? Do you need a DLC customer?

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That was a good one.


To be completely honest, the joke was pretty well played out.
Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

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I don’t need any DLC, i just need your mouth to disappear. :smirk:

skidadle skidoodle…

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You didn’t answer my first question.

There’s no need to, i was probably following you because i wanted to make your mouth disappear. :smirk:

Local Kid Decides To Follow And Harass A Parody Account

Can you stop? You’re annoying me!

He’s just joking and making people laugh, I suppose

But if he mentions me in that joke, that’s making fun of me.

excuse me but “he”

you’re just harassing ea at this point lol

no :pouting_cat: