[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


:warning: This topic is a joke. Nothing in it is real. [Edited by InterAction studios]

Greetings recruits! We are taking over now! :stuck_out_tongue: As you may know, we would want to buy @InterAction_studios and the whole Chicken invaders franchise, well when we buy them we wan’t to make some tweaks to the game that will surely increase it’s popularity. Since we are the most loved company and well knows for creating DLCs we are presenting you these changes you can expect in the future release of CIU.


  • removed spaceship customization, will be explained later
  • removed full galaxy exploration
  • 3D galaxy view! (we know you’ll want this)
  • Up to 3 weapons in a base game
  • Added loot boxes which are purchasable for 4.99$
  • Full galaxy exploration requires a “Universe explorer” DLC for only 4.99$
  • Purchasing and unlocking everything from the shop and all the weapons requires Premium edition for 59.99$

Spaceship customization changes:

  • Removed to be re-added as a paid DLC “Spaceship builder tool” only for 19,99 USD
  • Build your own spacecraft from scratch!
  • Colorize however you want!
  • Paint mode for creative recruits
  • Spaceship is now fully in 3D

We know you’ll love this changes we’re delivering, we also constructed a brand new “Super chick” engine with full 3D support so now your game will look even more graphically advanced then ever!
We plan to change how the updates are delivered and decided to not give them out for free, but each update will be a separate Expansion pack filled with content for only 29,99 USD, feel free to share you excitement with us here as we reveal more details soon. Stay tuned!
New updated logo.


Well i flagged this. If you dare to touch the franchise with your dirty fingers, i will do everything to destroy your whole company, I’m not kidding. Better get out of the forum! We all CI real fans will going stand up to destroy you! Clearly now? I dont care if this is a joke. Dont challenge me!


Get out of the forum plz, EA. I don’t want this game to bad game.


You make PVZ2 going bad, EA. Don’t make this game bad like PVZ2


They will destroy it…


Can you also add an energy system,EA? Playing a mission costs energy. When you run out of energy,you either have to wait or pay.


What is wrong with our games? Look at our sales, did you buy Battlefield 5? It’s one of our greatest games!


What a wonderful idea! It’s on our to-do list!


I dont care! Sales have nothing to do with whether the game is good or not.


We’re drastically improving the CIU, we even introduced COLOR WHEEL, we know everyone’s gonna love it!


We don’t want anything from you, EA.


At this point I cant tell if people are getting fooled or not xd


You all would just want if we gave out this game with everything we mentioned above for free wouldn’t ya?


Well… that’s alot of DLCs…now jokes aside the color wheel would be actually neat :smiley:.


I’m hoping that this it just a bad joke.

Although it is.

Weird flex, but ok.


Another idea: ammo for weapons. Each weapon should have a limited amount of ammo. For example,neutron gun would have like 1000 ammo. Each time you shoot,you waste ammo,the amount depending on how many bullets you shoot. Moron railgun would have infinite ammo,all other weapons would have limited amounts of ammo. If you run out of ammo for a certain weapon,you can’t use it anymore unless you pay for more ammo.


The way weapons work now is that in the base game you have 3 weapons, Moron railgun, ion blaster, and boron railgun, all of the additional weapons must be purchased with “Galaxy defender” expansion pack, ammo packs will be sold for a small price of 0,99 USD. We’re glad we have customers like you.


This is just pathetic. I cant coment this bullshit :expressionless:


I have a HUGE idea to improve the game: make the game save data a Premium feature!
With only 5.99 $ the player will be able to save his data!


It will indeed be in a premium version which will cost 49,99 USD without any DLC included, the base game won’t feature saving system but it will be completely FREE for you our beloved users :sunny:.