Why No replies?

EA isn’t really doing anything now and they just want to have fun but you keep harassing and following them

Are you:
1.Serious and just really hate EA’s account.
2.Taking the joke waaaay too far.
Which one?

You are just little angrykiddo because we perma-banned your Origin account.

I get the impreſſion that he moſtly talks out of the other end, making your goal pointleſs.
Seriöuſly, though, can’t you juſt leave him alone for a bit?

you could simply ignore them instead of just starting a fight/argument with them

I choose 1

Can you stop!? It’s not like any insult you say to me is funny. :rage:

P.S. i’m trying to ignore you you, so stop replying to me.

there ya go

Because your idea was far better than mine(?)

Please read

I’ve read, no need to remind me

There is literaly no point in having any type of argument with him, he is just mindless and doesen’t understand a single thing.

When EA post something, SuperKiddo always comes. I smell something here, maybe a falling in love?:kissing_heart:


OFC we are the most loved company in the universe, it must be that :wink:

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I smell angry face tho :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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We made him REEEEEEEEEally angryyyyyy now.


Okay, insult me ONE MORE TIME and i’ll blast ya. :smirk:

“i’ll blast ya” >smug emote
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s spicy

Or a ſhark catching the ſcent of prey…