What happened and why this is weird pls help

how to chat with ia

wait until IA see this topic .

Since you have a guest account, you can’t do anything about it, meaning that you have to start over.


no i got an email account it worked i have to enter the pin its fixed

When you BSoDed, your save file somehow got corrupted. The error message you saw was probably a part of that profile debugging notifications iA made in order to catch steam cloud misbehaving. When iA is online he’ll eventually see this. If by that time you don’t restore the account on your own, you will get help from iA.

I see that player 676 has an e-mail associated with it, so you are simply entering the wrong e-mail. Using the correct e-mail, follow these instructions to re-link your account: What happened and why this is weird pls help - #12 by horizon-emmiter


For real, this is the first time I met a person got BSoD by a game.

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Me too, I didn’t notice that before.

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Well, not really the first one:

but after the PC in question died few years ago I’ve found out a lot of interesting information about it, one of which is the motherboard completely incompatible with the CPU I had (it worked just fine for 8 years tho xd)


PC problems sometimes just become so funny. But your problem sounded more serious than interrupting an configuring/installing Windows Update.

DirectX has emotions too? If not then why it hates 720x400 so bad?

So ia i think i just entered an invalid email and my bsod was from my hardware it has some problems si dont be worry ill start from first i just had 7 billion score that s nothing this game is made my childhood so there s no way to leave it

And it was red lol

So this time ill enter a valid enail

And this is not a problem but whats the reason my account got deleted

And thanks now my name will change to X676X

Make sure to use a short email so you can remember it easily, Good luck.

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I didnt write it with the sane em

But is there a way that ia send the pin in here too

I don’t know but maybe you can contact iA and tell him more about the issue…

Also take a look at the forum rules btw.


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