PC gives BSOD while using 720x400

Now I can’t start my PC :sweat_smile:.

UPD: Nevermind, it’s alright, next attemp?
UPD2: Ok, THIS is weird. When I try to set 720x400 in full screen mode, my PC gives me BSOD. Wait for logs.
Here’s the first attemp log.

Oh, I think Google Chrome is the reason of my pain. There are 25 tabs. And it works not only with 720x400

NICE! My data is dead now.

Is it about the game?

Yes, it is. I set 720x400 in-game.

Any reason you set the resolution to 720x400?

A BSOD is a serious crash, something most likely to do with a bug in your graphics card driver and/or its DirectX 9.0 emulation. It’s out of the game’s control.

Solution: Don’t select 720x400 :stuck_out_tongue: