PC gives BSOD while using 720x400

Now I can’t start my PC :sweat_smile:.

UPD: Nevermind, it’s alright, next attemp?
UPD2: Ok, THIS is weird. When I try to set 720x400 in full screen mode, my PC gives me BSOD. Wait for logs.
Here’s the first attemp log.

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Oh, I think Google Chrome is the reason of my pain. There are 25 tabs. And it works not only with 720x400

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NICE! My data is dead now.

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Is it about the game?

Yes, it is. I set 720x400 in-game.

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Any reason you set the resolution to 720x400?

A BSOD is a serious crash, something most likely to do with a bug in your graphics card driver and/or its DirectX 9.0 emulation. It’s out of the game’s control.

Solution: Don’t select 720x400 :stuck_out_tongue: