Weird bug? or intended?

  • I got this… weird thing when i was practicing on hard Pulsating Greed, starting with no live equipped. (Actually this is the 2nd time i got this bug).
  • I was trying to using pausing-ception when playing this. Maybe it’s really hard to see but i DIED, but you can see my live is still… 1 and my power is still 9. Additionally, music was still playing (should be stop when game over).
  • After i ended session and re-enter:
  • You can see i have 0 live, 5 power. Weird right?
  • I believe the cause of this is the exact pausing-timing. I Hope i can get explanation from other people or dev himself. Thanks for watching! @InterAction_studios

*Edit: Btw i was trying to continue to play with that 0 live, i died again lol, and i got -1 live. :wink:


Bug confirmed.


This is the most epic bug I’ve seen in this game till now.

Time to reconstruct this:


Fixed in v.34.

:medal_sports: Bug

Note: This is only a 99% fix. You’ll still have 0 lives when you reconnect, but the mission will immediately be failed (and you won’t gain any points). Fixing the last 1% would be much more complex :frowning:


This 1% doesn’t even matter. What is the probability of someone do this accidentally?

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Given that it took over one year to discover the bug, my guess is that it’s not that common. But it wasn’t rarity that made it a serious bug, but rather that it was exploitable (because it allowed you to play an extra life and gain more score/keys).

It can still happen with the same probability now as it did before the fix, but it doesn’t really matter since it’s not exploitable any longer.


What happend if IA return (Free Life for Score)

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I… well, I think no one will ever buy Extra lives anymore…

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dude you just bumped this topic that’s uncool
(I’m playing club penguin don’t disturb me)

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