Weapon's skin after the bonus: "Max Power!"

1.Ion Blaster:

2.Absolver Beam:

3.Boron Railgun:


5.Laser Canon:

6.Lightning Fryer:

7.Neutron Gun:

8.Photon Swarm:

9.Plasma Rifle:

10.Poistron Stream:

11.Utensil Poker:


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Thanks for reading


These could be additions to Weapon Reskins Library v1.3
But i still like them.

For the love of God please, please, no red lightning. Adding artificial variety into the game isn’t going to help.


I always wanted the red lightning…
but ok

Would Boron’s make sense?
I like the others tho


a little brighter

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My favorite one out of these is the golden forks.

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you mean the weapon should change its color when it reaches max power

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No, weapons are not suppose to get uglier when they reach their final form.


It already depends on your taste.

Opinions™ exist

But seriously though, they look uglier.

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Everyone has an opinion, most of them are nice to me.

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Here’s my opinion on this max power skins:

  1. Ion Blaster: Ugly, just straight up ugly. There might be someone out there who prefers the dark green over the red, but they’re definitely gonna be in the minority, cause that dark green looks SO UGLY! It’s like zombifying our childhood. 1/10

  2. Absolver Beam: Probably the best looking one. Having said that, the OG Absolver Beam color is a lot more unique due to it’s combination of purple and orange colors.

  3. Boron Railgun: With the current Boron railgun design, making a new max power skin would be harder than for most weapons AFAIK. Your weapon skin for max power Boron however doesn’t provide enough differentiation to justify it’s inclusion. 3/10

  4. Hypergun: Sure, the light blue color isn’t for everyone, but it’s a whole lot cooler than dark beige. 2/10

  5. Laser Cannon: White lasers are the least worst part of this idea but making the laser cannon pure white instead of orange/yellow kinda removes its personality if that even makes sense. 5/10

  6. Lightning Fryer: Whilst I get the idea of red lightning, I mean it does look quite cool when done correctly (apologies for the lack of a firing flare btw):
    Chicken Invaders Memes V2 - #1105 by Recruit_75
    This just looks dull since the main bolt is tinted red and it looks quite ugly. Not as bad as the Ion reskin or the Positron Reskin but still not good. 2/10

  7. Neutron Gun: The weapon skin for Neutron was so close to being a rather cool looking icy weapon but alas, it looks like a pale ghost or something. Since Halloween is around the corner at the time of writing, I feel like giving it a 3/10 instead of a 2/10 for this one.

  8. Photon Swarm: The OG Photon Swarm is my favorite weapon design, but this skin makes them look like ghosts just like the Neutron max power skin. 3/10 just because homing ghosts sound like an actually spooky idea.

  9. Plasma Rifle: It’s a bit better than the other ones since the color scheme still feels like Plasma Rifle and I would actually like some differentiating factor to max power plasma from :zap: 10 plasma aside from larger size, so if the brightness of this thing was toned down, it might actually be somewhat decent. 6/10

  10. Positron Stream: This has to be the UGLIEST one out of all the weapon reskins I’ve seen in all of the CIU Forum, if someone has found an uglier reskin than this, please let me know. It looks like flipping SEWER WATER!! No, just NO! 1/10 just because I can’t rate at 0.1 or 0.01 out of 10.

  11. Utensil Poker: There’s already a weapon skin idea that has golden forks. Weapon Reskin Library V2.0
    And well, it look a lot better than yours with it being well saturated instead of being pale yellow.

So overall, most of the weapon skins just look ugly and I highly doubt that anyone would go out of their way to mod these skins into the game, unless the theme of that mod is to be ugly as possible. It isn’t hard to come up with weapon skins that look actually cool, one can be limited to changing the hue/saturation of the OG weapon colors and they could still beat you in making weapon skins. This idea gets a 1/10 from me.


No, Chicken Invaders has a theme, you have to adhere to that. You just can’t put the Lord of Shades in the game about frying a planet with an egg and expect it to work. This isn’t a matter of taste, it’s a matter of consistency of theme. Neutron, Positron, and Plasma are the colors that they are because they are based (however loosely) on real science concepts.

It also doesn’t make sense from a gameplay perspective. The projectiles are neither faster nor deal more damage from lower levels, so there is virtually no reason to differentriate them.


Sorry, almost every stuff around here its ugly and repugnant, can’t even see some of them, i can just be agree what some desings work for spooktober like the sewer water of positron or the dead neutron, but leaving that alone, its ugly, i just like the forks but there are already a lot of desings of golden forks that looks better than this one, meanwhile Boron Railgun is just the same thing, even if its brighter its looks like the same thing.


You know? I’ve been thinking better and now I think it’s a good idea, but I don’t think Photon Swarm and Boron railgun need it.

Boron railgun as it overheats does more damage and changes the color, and it would be very difficult to include a new color and make it follow the pattern just like when it’s between 0-19 FP.

While Photon Swarm, before and now, already changes color to orange bullets between 6-10FP and when you reach 20FP all bullets already change.

So, putting that aside, the idea would be great, the problem (And I guess the majority agree) is the BAD EXECUTION OF THIS SAME, I mean, look at the colors that have, especially absolver, positron and ion, are terrible and probably the worst in my opinion by the fact that I will never in life like , if you had chosen appropriate colors for them, the result would be better than this swill.


Well about that, about making a halloween reskins for the weapons (almost impossible but try it)
Also i don’t want to say opinion tho so i won’t hurt anyone :\

The version in that image is outdated - I’ve managed to hit an even shinier saturation, it looks proper golden. :wink:

Considering that I’ve worked on reskins myself, the biggest feedback that I can provide to @SOLAR is to work with techniques other than the “recolour” tool - adjusting “Hue and Saturation” is a great way to change colours without getting that washed-out look that’s making these look a bit duller than I am sure you intended. :wink:

(One or two of these are pretty similar to things from the Library, though.)


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