Weapon Reskin Library V1.3

Welcome to the Weapon Reskin Library!

Ion Blaster

Ion Blaster
Classic Ion
Older than the Authentic Hero, this green Ion Blaster has been a staple of the UHF since the first sighting of an intergalactic chicken some 120 years ago.

Author's Note

I imagine this one as having two projectiles close together replacing the “high-power” bolt, like the original did.

Retro Blaster
From a distant galaxy, this… sleek… weapon seems to hail from a time long since forgotten to the records of the UHF.

Author's Note

High-power projectile would be identical to this, but two squares wide.

Flash Blaster
Supercharge your Ion Blaster with high-energy, yellow bursts of photon light.

Author's Note

Based on the flash version. See note for Classic Ion regarding the stronger projectile.

Neutron Gun

Neutron Gun
Negative Gun
Negative energy charge causes your Neutron Gun to fire monochromatic bursts of dark power.

Classic Neutron
Deprecated UHF technology allows for the “squashing” of neutrons into a tighter space, creating compact zig-zags of damaging energy.

Author's Note

CI2 Neutron Gun. Some people have pushed for this to be a separate weapon, but more samey weapons is the last thing we need right now.

Chromatic Aberration
This add-on to your Neutron Gun squeezes the wavelengths of light proportionately around high-energy projectiles, causing each power level to have a unique color signature.

Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon
Light Cannon
Replaces your Laser Cannon with high-energy bursts of pure, solidified light.

Lunar Laser
Charged by pure moonlight, this Laser Cannon modification creates pink-and-white columns of glittery destruction.

Alien Phaser
We’re not quite sure if this is a green energy stream, or a blast of concentrated, superheated space-sludge, but the chickens don’t seem to like it either way.

Lightning Fryer

Lightning Fryer
Golden Bolt
The Lightning Fryer modification for only the most discerning of chicken-hunters.

Black Lightning
We’re going to be honest - we have no idea how this works, or if it’s safe. But it looks totally awesome, so it’s got that going for it.

Pink Storm
No point in having chains of deadly lightning spewing from your spaceship if they’re not going to look pretty, right?

Vulcan Chaingun

Vulcan Chaingun

Author's Note

When these heat up, they would just have the same red “filter” effect as default Vulcan.

Rainbow Blitz
Turns your Vulcan Chaingun into a popsicle of multicolour madness.

Comet Chaingun
Replaces your Vulcan Chaingun ammunition with miniature fragments of ultra-celeritas comets.

Classic Vulcan
Slightly outdated, but no less effective than the modern variation of the Vulcan Chaingun.

Author's Note

Just like everything in this library, this has no actual gameplay impact. Works just like current vulcan.

Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle

Author's Note

First sprite is firing, second is impact. Just like default.

Acid Rifle
For only the most insidious of Chicken-Hunting recruits. For your safety, the UHF requires that you wear gloves when installing, operating, observing, or thinking about this weapon.

Ghost Plasma
This cartridge of plasma glows a creepy blue colour… we’re sure it’s totally safe to use though.

Plasma Discharger
Streams high-charge volleys of golden plasma directly into whatever you point it at. Eye protection may be necessary.

Boron Railgun

Boron Railgun
Monochrome Master
Elegant. Sleek. Sophisticated. Crystal white bullets for your Boron Railgun.

Boron Ice
Mined from the distant reaches of Eta Astropelacae, these shafts of ice have been shaped to fire from your Boron Railgun.

False Moron
The weapon of choice for show-offs and pranksters. We promise it’s not an actual Moron Railgun. Guarantee it. For certain.

Author's Note

Works just like Boron - aesthetic only.

Photon Swarm

Photon Swarm

Author's Note

Left is standard, right is power level 20.

Solar Swarm
Fires clouds of miniaturized stars because, well, that’s just an epic idea.

Stinger Trails
Chickens across the universe will beware your stinger trails when you have this modification for your Photon Swarm.

Photon Fairies
Don’t worry - you’re not actually shooting fairies out the front of your spaceship. Not only would that be impossible, it would be against UHF regulations, too.

Positron Stream

Positron Stream
Doom Ray
…be careful with this one? Please.

Corrupted Negatrons
If you accidentally touch this stream and feel the sensation of your molecules reconstituting at random, we advise you stop using this weapon and talk to your local medical practitioner.

Magma Stream
Fried chicken, anyone? Great for combat on frozen planets, and hosting intergalactic barbeques.


Fire your Hypergun through a film of liquid keys - only to be shot at Very Important Poultry.

Ionized Crimson
Part of an experiment originally intended to give the Hypergun more spread, all this modification actually manages to accomplish is discolouring the bullets. Like red?

Intense Focus
This… extreme… adjustment puts the “hyper” in Hypergun.


Supercharged Bullets
Because what good is a machine gun if it only shoots regular bullets?

Mad Painter
For the artist at heart, this weapon fires a differently-coloured projectile with every shot.

The henpire will be pushin’ up daisies.

Corn Shotgun

Corn Shotgun
Tired of jumping out of warp and into combat only to find your corn has gone stale? This modification keeps your corn kernels well-preserved, tasty, and completely inedible within a coating of liquid nitrogen.

Flaming Corn
In an attempt to conserve interior hull space, this Corn Shotgun modification stores unfired ammunition in the basin of your heat sink. If smoke begins pouring out of the exhaust in enormous plumes, just fire off a few shots and your ship will almost definitely probably not explode.

Extra Buttery
Satiate your desire for extra-delicious destruction with the most appetizing projectile weapon in the galaxy. Available in Regular, Large, and Superstar Hero.

Absolver Beam

Absolver Beam
Sonic Beam
A powerful stream of focused sonic energy, strong enough to de-atomize almost anything that crosses it path. Ear protection recommended.

Channels your Absolver Beam into a series of tightly-packed radioactive waves, for increased coolness and absolutely no change in function or total damage output.

Rainbow Flash
We shoved a prism in front of an Absolver Beam and it turned into this - give the chickens the mercy of seeing the most stunning sight of their lives as you vaporize them.

Utensil Poker

Utensil Poker
Gold-Plated Cutlery
Fire away your retirement plan as you spray these refined, genteel dining implements at alien poultry.

Author's Note

Yes, that’s the resolution of the original Utensil Poker sprite.

Superstar Hero
Eat chickens for breakfast… in style.

Dark Chrome
Suave, stylish weapons of anti-chicken glory. Voted #1 people’s choice in the annual “most desirable weapon of mass destruction” contest.

So there’s been talk about weapon skins for a while - people have been wanting to see old versions of weapons get added, recolours, etc.

And so I decided to take the time to make a series of prototype ideas for different skins. The idea would be that you’d buy these (perhaps only at specific stores, to encourage travel!!!) and your weapon could then be equipped with this skin (ideally, on a per-spacecraft basis). In making them, I endeavored to:

  • Remain true to the weapon’s gameplay - don’t change anything that would be “confusing”
  • Avoid new sprites where possible - avoid over-cluttering the file size (since the game will be getting a mobile port). How possible some of this is depends entirely on how able the game is to recolour images.
  • Give every weapon an equal number of skins, and in a wide diversity of styles to appeal to a wide audience.

I’m definitely happier with some of them than others, and some weapons really don’t lend themselves to reskins, either, so it was hard. But I think I’ve done ok, so I’m sharing them here.

So thoughts? Which of these (if any) would you like to see in CIU, potentially? Which ones don’t you like? If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them in this topic, too.

These took waaay longer than I expected to make, lol…


It’s overall pretty cool, my favorite ones are the Utensil Poker, Plasma and Neutron Gun add-ons.


Lunar laser, the best. No more questions


The green ion blaster looks really cool and it does fit well on 120th anniversary lol


Ion, Laser, Neturon fit well on CI2 and they are my favorites.

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Neutrino gun :thinking:


I think it’s named negative gun because it’s reversed color.

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Forgot to upload the Hypergun to this library, even though I finished the sprites - it’s a testament to how forgettable it is that nobody even noticed. :joy:
(It’s there now)

Also, if anyone clever wants to mod these into CI5 or something, flick me a message with the skin you would like (one at a time, please!) and I’ll send you a raw sprite. I can’t guarentee they’ll all work in game, though - stuff like the photon swarm would probably need additional adjustment, and things like “Mad Painter” obviously won’t work without code.


It’s out of my confusion.

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I really love these artworks, especially mad painter Riddler and the pinky fryer


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I was thinking about the exact same thing dude, you stole them from my mind lol, And yep, it’s as cool as I imagined it to be.

Another one that I was thinking of, I really wanted Utensil Poker to have a visual remake since I kinda felt that it was a bit boring IMO visually, so why not make em golden?

I know whom this is made for…

Mmmm… Extra crispy hot chicken…Who wouldn’t want one?

I really have to applaud you for your effort into these weapon skins, they look epic!
Update V44 did a lot to increase player customization, so if this idea gets added into V45, it might just live up to Update V44. As for my own personal idea, I have this:

Argent Bolt

The power of an alternate dimension at your disposal… Has a… tendency to make the pilot… ‘Mortally Challenged’

What do you think?


Oh ok :ok_hand:

Really? Because I don’t, and I made it. :joy:

@BoredCelestial kind of was the inspiration behind the name (because the colours reminded me of her spaceship) - but I created it just by doing some negative layering, it wasn’t really “designed” for anyone if that’s what you mean.

I’m assuming it’s a reference that I’m missing, but the weapon itself looks pretty cool. I leant away from a “red lightning” because I had so many other weapons that had a “red version” - but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

And it looks like you’ve actually put it in game, so bonus points for that. I don’t know how to mod CI :joy:

It just so happens that people in CI Discord call me Luna. Short for One-Winged Lunarian. My ship happens to look like that.

Screenshot (1497)

Also I’d really appreciate it if people can avoid calling me Luna outside of Discord. Thanks a lot.


And it looks really cool IMO. I would love to see you play with the Lunar Laser since the color scheme matches your primary ship’s color ship.

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(reply for the actual post)
Someone finally suggested weapon reskins…
I want the weapon reskins alright. I’d even pay 1000 keys each if it did cost THAT much.

100% would use Black Lightning


You got it right, it is a reference to the 2016 DOOM and Doom Eternal, in fact, I used one of its most controversial jokes, the ‘Mortally Challenged’ joke and used it for the description.

Actually, I used photoshop to make the image, so no, I didn’t mod CIU to make that image.

I’m not on the Discord, I had no idea :joy:
If it bothers you I can rename it, but I hadn’t really named it as a reference, I was just sort of like “white and pink, what’s white and pink…” and Lunar seemed like an appropriate name once I thought of it.

That’s epic, lol… I can’t really take credit for the idea of reskin (obviously - tons of people have suggested it) - but never had I seen anyone actually make any, so thought I might as well go ahead.

Had me fooled. :wink:


I don’t mind Lunar Laser. I just don’t want people calling me by my Discord name outside of Discord is all.


where are the swords in place of forks