Weapon Upgrade

Just a plain suggestion: Instead of upgrading any weapon in the Galactic Store to just the 8th level, why not make it up to the 10th level?

I don’t suggest for a weapon upgrade to the maximum level since it would minimize the fun and work to collect firepower/power-ups, but adjusting the ‘upgradeable’ level of the weapons to the 10th level would probably just be fine (which can be very useful especially on missions with higher difficulty rates/levels).



a very good suggestion

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No, a stupidly no, because 8 is enough for weapons


Well maybe, if there is another max weapon (after 20 :zap: there will be 30 :zap: MAYBE )

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it was mentioned here Weekly Challenge, other Questions and Suggestions - #14 by cook1ee
and here Upgrade to 20
and the answer to that is no as it is said above

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Well nvm then Thats why i said Maybe

  • AGREE: To move/modify the ‘upgradeable’ power level of all the weapons to level 10.
  • DISAGREE: The current setup (upgradeable to the 8th level) is good and should not be modified/tweaked anymore.

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I wasn’t replying to you, I was replying to the OP. why my replies aren’t always clear…

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I agree on with this idea.

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