Weapon Reskin Library V2.0

IA also archived topics about in-game weapon customizing, so there’s a chance to have this feature in future versions.


In your link, somethings you have missing: All Absolver Beam reskins and Ice Boron.

That’s because the absolver beam’s texture is monochrome and has the color determined by the game’s code, and the boron always starts off from the red color

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See the above reply pls

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Umm. There is a missing Absolver Beam mod

Here’s the main reason.

This is the 2nd time you asked that.


Also. In Classic Ion mod. Starting on firepower 10 or higher, it doesn’t have 1 or 3 strong ion tips. All ion tips weak to medium

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When will the weapon reskin library v3.0 release?

This is a mod…

I’ll say “Rainbow” Railgun

You didn’t really had to reply a 2020 post.


lol poor one wing


This is deliberate, but don’t worry - it doesn’t affect gameplay. In the older games, instead of a larger Ion projectile, the strong blasts just looked like two Ions side-by-side. The Classic Ion mod just makes the big Ion blast look like two smaller ones, but it still works exactly the same in-game.

I don’t currently have any plans to add more skins to the library, sorry. You’re always welcome to post your own designs here though - this is a community topic, it’s not just for my stuff.


In fact that extractor does not work with CIU’s archive


So cool, gotta try it out!


100 :heart: !

never would have guessed when I posted this that it would be received as overwhelmingly well as it was
This project took a lot of time to put together and it’s super encouraging for me to see that it was worth it

huge thanks to every one of you for the support!


bro how i can install it?

ez to install

I think this should be added and interactions know it