Weapon Reskin Library... V2.0!

Just i like “Lunar Laser” no more questions and replies.

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I’m not familiar with the Island Wars designs, but the CI2 laser cannon was far too similar to the current one for me to make a skin for.

Classic Neutron is a good example, because Neutron used to look very different to what it currently is. It’s an update of that old design; I haven’t just gone and slapped the old, low-colour-count sprite directly into the game.

With CI2 laser, any “update” would just look like normal laser anyway. But I’m withholding a vote before I see what the Island Wars stuff actually looks like - because that might be significantly different, for all I know.


IW2 Laser is more yellow and straight, and IW2 Lightning is just more straight (go here to see all weapons), but I have thought that Photon Swarm could have a skin of IW2’s Bubblegun. Bubblegun’s texture is completely differens to Photon Swarm’s, but they have a similar behaviour.


Bubblegun1 IW2Bubblegun BubblegunLV1 GIFTBubblegun IconBubblegun IconPhotonSwarm PhotonSwarm1


I think the laser and lightning are a bit too similar to be interesting (maybe the light cannon could be replaced with the IW one, idk. It’s just a very slight colour change…)

But that Bubblegun idea is actually really cool, and knowing how the photon sprites work it would actually be quite effortless to implement, I think.

Would people be interested in seeing Bubblegun replace the photon swarm’s “Stinger Trails” (seeing as that’s by far the least inspired of the three?)

Also, I might be making a poll to vote on your favourite skins sometime soon - help to determine which (if any) ought to be most rare


Is there any particular reason to replace one skin with another? Can’t we have both?


Because then I need to make a fourth skin for every weapon, or settle for different weapons having different skin counts, neither of which I would particularly like to do.

My own preferences aside, three is also a good number of skins if rarities are implemented - one for each tier.

Speaking of which…

I’ve added a series of polls to another topic (there’s quite a good number, and I didn’t want to clutter the scroll length of this topic. They don’t seem to want to go in spoiler tags…).
I’m trying to gauge the relative popularity of the current skins.

You can vote here.


must add this to the next release, also add a black and whit ephoton swarm, the blue be white and the red be black ,
also ur editing is amazing


@Kylo-Hen What about the Corn Shotgun? When are you gonna add skins for it?

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I have obviously not read all the replies, so I do not know if this was mentioned beforehand, but I’d like to say the idea that if skins were to be added, I think that all weapons should be recolorable via a basic color and certain unique skins shall be unlocked via certain ways, such as keys or certain medal rewards.

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Ideally, when the WBP version gets added to the core game so that I know whether or not the “popcorn” mechanic requires additional skins or not.


Although I was planning to say to you a idea for skin of Corn shotgun, it was, soy shotgun? Watermelon seeds? Pop Corn?

Definitly my ideas of a skin for Corn shotgun are stupids, but is the best what goes from my mind


If popcorn isn’t going to become a game mechanic, it’ll be part of the skin library.

The watermelon seeds idea is actually pretty cool, and I like it, but it might be a part hard to infer visually (it would look like black corn).


Well, update: it did. Though how would watermelon seeds work then? They can’t pop as far as I know.


Shoot the whole watermelon :sweat_smile:


Can we just have chicken gun?

I’ve created it:


Well, maybe in “normal mode” it would shoot watermelon seeds, but in “popcorn mode” whole watermelon slices?


No we don’t need nightmare fuel like that. Remember, this game is supposed to be kid-friendly.

I don’t think so. I think that Kylo had this in mind: normal - watermelon seed, overheated - whole watermelon (but small). Doesn’t make any sense, but whatever.

Yeah there could be a little of watermelon flesh for overheat. Problem solved.