Island Wars 2 weapons in CIU

I like Island Wars 2. I would like to see it’s weapons in Chicken Invaders because they can be. Here are the weapons and some fanmade gifts for them:

CannonballIW2Cannonball CannonballGift
AutogunIW2Autogun AutogunGift
RocketsIW2Rockets RocketsGift
LaserIW2LaseCannon LaserCannonGift
LightningIW2LightningFryer LightningFryerGift
BubblegunIW2Bubblegun BubblegunGift

Are actually in the game

Already suggested by someone and liked by IA

Most of these weapons are in CI.
Rockets are … well… rockets.
Laser is Laser Cannon.
Lighting is Lighting Fryer.
Bubblegun was suggested by me and it might be added to the game.

Laser and lightning are in the game, I know, but they are not the same, for example, lightning, it is weaker and goes totally staight.

The cannonball and autogun may be added as satellites?

That is a good idea because in IW2 you spend all the weapons excepting cannonball, just like with the satellites.