Weapon Reskin Library V2.0

Umm, the android version came out a few months ago

Muhammad is asking how he can download this mod in the Android version, which isn’t possible as of now.

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oh ok

There is a way to install mods to Android by modifying the APK, but:

  1. It doesn’t take compression in consideration so the game size will be affected just as much as the mod weighs;
  2. It likely won’t be an (easily accessible) option when the game comes to Google Play;
  3. You need a computer to do this all, because Android is currently crazy with its security and I can’t make IAMI mobile that would be able to modify other app’s data;
  4. It definitely won’t work for iOS devices unless some kind of jailbreak is applied (idk I never touched an apple device);
  5. I personally didn’t try modding the mobile version, all I know is that some people from IAMI Discord server managed to do this successfully;

TL;DR: You have to mod the CIU.dat.122x.mp3 or whatever it’s called there inside the game’s apk and install it.


I’ll write a tutorial for it, but just in case you really need it, and resource file on android is allowed to be modified (which I don’t really know)


Here’s my hand-written tutorial (included images + detailed steps)
Use Read Mode on Word with 140% Zoom for better “experience”

Sorry if it has bad grammar


Oh yeah you need to Uninstall your current CIU on your phone and then install that apk
you’re welcome

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Did i do something wrong?

that’s weird :neutral_face:
I’ve tested mine and work perfectly fine

can I have your modified apk file and give it a try?

Same problem mine would you please give us your modified apk

well…actually I can, but private only
PM time

Is this work?

work on some devices. Recent reports shown that they can’t install the modified game, don’t know what caused that

Like an Huawei phones (maybe)

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Step 1: need pc

Now all we need is mod compatibility that lets us add in our own firing sounds.
I want Halo plasma rifle/pistol sounds.

I have mods the sound of ciu on android