Weapon Reskin Library V2.0

work on some devices. Recent reports shown that they can’t install the modified game, don’t know what caused that

Like an Huawei phones (maybe)

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Step 1: need pc

Now all we need is mod compatibility that lets us add in our own firing sounds.
I want Halo plasma rifle/pistol sounds.

I have mods the sound of ciu on android

Because I use exagear pc emulator also install sound mods

That was ONLY sounds, not visual
Unfortunately if you want to install the mod that changes the visual (like this one) you cant

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This is a gif I took and installed mods

i installed the image mods and it crashes for no reason

yeah, that’s what im talking about
i really wish that the android version would just have the original texture like the pc verison

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Just don’t expect too much on texture mod, because most of the time it’ll eventually crash on Android

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Thankyou rain an vn

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Thank’-you for explaining this @VerMishelb. I haven’t done any research on altering the parameters of the game. I will look into this subject of modding etc. and would appreciate any guidance you have to offer. Fly safe, these Space Burger’s can’t get nuggets for ever! Be well all…

Wait what the frick!?

Did I said “don’t expect too much on CIU mobile texture mod”?

And next, texture in mobile version are downscale, so yeah, all of the weirdo must happen when you try to do something to those texture

I don’t really think ScarletCuboid will do a mobile version for this mod, but if he did, well…

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i tested the pc file CIU.222x Renamed it CIU.122x.mp3 I tested its texture it works i open try save the world it crashed!

sorry for bumping but can i use this at any other game? like ci5 or 4 or anything?

um guys the absolver beam resking isnt there

First of all: AFAIK, nope, it is only for CIU, there’s no weapon reskin for CI Series, or yes, but not on public.
Next, Absolver Beam use 2 layers of color, so it is quite hard to mod. You can see why there’s no Absolver Beam mod in a single text file included in Zip file.

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