📊 Weapon data spreadsheet

you say don’t let me hack @Starbrockle

iA will ban you if you only “hack” once.


I only want to hack once @RainbowBoyVN

You can “hack” weapon damage for feedback purposes only, and it does not count towards your career or affect other players.

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You can’t hack online game

He can’t shut off the forum about hack

You can’t hack online game because its connected with their sever to save your data


@Jostabeere The Popcorn shot gun has some advantages in large crowds. If you need to be accurate it is not helpful at all. I think it can overheat but you really have to abuse it. As it makes the popped corn it will become weaker but how effective this weapon is depends on the level, the closer to 20 the better. If I were to compare it to any other weapon it would rate just above the Moron Rail gun, only because it can be upgraded. Be well all…

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Minasam has already answered these questions. I don’t see the need to necro the topic and ping the guy after over a year excuse me, two years (wtf).

Corn cannot overheat from firing. It doesn’t even comsume coolants once it starts firing popcorn. The only way to make Corn overheat is via threats like overheat zones and Phoenix chicken fireballs.


Got it @GgWw1175 thankx for the info. It is a frustrating weapon because it is slow and looks like a drum stick. I avoid them but when the gift is mixed in with a lot of chicken meat they can be hard to avoid. Then I always have to change the attack and reorganize. These seconds have cost me many keys, many times regardless of their power level. I find it to be a challenge and part of why the game is as good as it is. The Absolver Beam is nasty when getting used to it but once I gained more experience with it I found it to be devastating. I can’t say the same about the Popcorn Shotgun. Be well all…

why i can’t download the excel?

If you can’t then just manually copy-past It In the browser’s address bar

It doesn’t work

The version number in the filename has to match the game’s version. To use the excel file on the current patch, you need to rename it to CIU-WeaponData-v120.override.xls

I was being dumb I needed to get excel now it works just fine

I’ve updated the spreadsheet with the v.130 Accumulator changes:

Time-based and kill-based charging now has specific ranges of accumulated charge over which it is applied. By default, time-based charging only takes place between 0% and 50% (i.e., between accumulator.timebased.chargethreshold.low and accumulator.timebased.chargethreshold.high)
and kill-based charging between 0% and 100% (i.e., between accumulator.killbased.chargethreshold.low and accumulator.killbased.chargethreshold.high). Charging rates are clamped to these endpoints.

The time-based charging rate at the low endpoint of the range is given by accumulator.timebased.chargerate.low and the rate at the high endpoint by accumulator.timebased.chargerate.high (and similarly for kill-based rates). If those two endpoints are the same, then charging is linear. If low<high then it is accelerating (e.g. quadratic), if low>high then it slows down.


I’ve made changes to the accumulator’s stats, due to it’s current state.
Details are as follows:

image (9)
Accumulator passively charges up to 2.5 arrows. Takes about 10.5 seconds.

Requires 80 kills to charge up from an empty gauge, to a full gauge. 16 kills are needed for an arrow.

A fully charged gauge provides 5 seconds of boost. 1 arrow is about 1 second of boost.

Charging is paused for 2 seconds after boosting.

The main issue was that it took way too long to charge by kills (80 kills for a full gauge, meaning 16 kills for an arrow). It also doesn’t help that the boost is so short either. 5 seconds isn’t exactly a lot considering how hard it is to charge up the accumulator.
Also, I believe I originally proposed to make the passive charge stop when it fully charges the 3rd arrow. Not at 2.5 arrows.

image (10)
Accumulator passively charges up to 3 arrows. Takes about 14 seconds (this is an estimate).

Kill requirement starts at 90. Reduces to 50 as charge increases (starts at 18 kills per arrow. reduces to 10 kills per arrow). The higher starting kill requirement tries to prevent the player from charging up the first arrow way too fast. The increased starting passive charge speed already tries to make up for that, anyway.

A fully charged gauge provides 6 seconds of boost. 1 arrow is about 1.2 seconds of boost.

Charging is paused for 2 seconds after boosting. (no change)

This change tries to make charging by kills faster. As it stands, it’s rather too slow, for not much effect. In tandem to this change, the maximum boost time has been increased to 6 seconds.

Passive charge now also fills up the whole of the 3rd arrow, rather than half of it. Faster, too.

Overall Changes:
Passive Charge Threshold is changed from 0.5 to 0.6. (From 2.5 arrows to 3 arrows)

Starting Passive Charge Speed is increased to 0.135 (from 0.125). About 8% faster to make up for the following change below.

The Kill Charge has been changed to reduce as charge increases. Starting Kill Charge is now 90 kills (about 18 kills). Final Kill Charge has been reduced to 50 (10 kills).

Maximum Boost Time has been increased from 5 seconds to 6 seconds.

Here is the excel file with the aforementioned changes: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/627238843401240626/1082017931476598844/CIU-WeaponData-v130.override.xls


Changed in v.131 :medal_sports: Idea


Once again, back with a change for accumulator (because its still rather weak).

image (20)

  • Maximum possible passive charge is 3 arrows.
  • First arrow takes 1.48 seconds to passively charge. Slows down tremendously when it’s closer to hitting the limit, to a complete halt.
  • Maximum possible kill charge is 5 arrows.
  • Kill Charges start at 18 kills for the first arrow. Reduces to 10 for the fifth.
  • A full bar of boost, lasts 6 seconds (Each arrow is 1.2 seconds).
  • Charging is paused for 2 seconds whenever you deactivate boost.

image (21)

  • Maximum possible passive charge is 4 3/4 (previously 3) arrows.
  • First arrow takes 1.48 seconds to passively charge. Slows down to as low as 10 seconds when closer to hitting the limit.
  • Maximum possible kill charge is 5 arrows. Unchanged.
  • Kill Charges now start at 12 kills (previously 18) for the first arrow. Reduces to 10 for the fifth.
  • A full bar of boost now lasts 7.5 seconds (Each arrow is 1.5 seconds. Previously 1.2 seconds).
  • Charging is paused for 2 seconds whenever you deactivate boost. Unchanged.

Writer’s Notes:
The passive charge limit was changed because I realized restricting it THAT much was a pretty harsh way to incentivize the need to be more active. Now it’s made to charge up way higher, but still not completely, yet slowly enough to not make it TOO good.

In tandem with the above change, the passive charge speed was made to slow down to a crawl, rather than completely stop. It made the 3rd arrow before take an eternity to charge…

Starting Kill Charge has been made much lower. I honestly have no idea why I thought making making the first few arrows completely disregard the player’s activity was a good idea at all.

Boost time is made longer (7.5s). 6 seconds didn’t really get players very far anyway. Plus, given the amount of time taken for the darn accumulator to charge, 6 seconds doesn’t really pay off for your patience.

You can try out these changes here:


Changed in v.137 :medal_sports: Idea