Very small CIU

Screenshot_20200408_121306 Very small

sometimes i got that too, but i just need to restart the game to fix

Known bug. I met it in CI3 too.

How small do you want the display to be?

CIU: yes

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I’ve added a (possible) workaround in v.39

:medal_sports: Bug (I know this has been reported before, but I can’t find it)

Could I exchange this bug medal with an idea medal?

How is it an idea?

I suggested an idea and it got added to the game but you gave me the bug medal

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I’m sure it’s this one

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Be specific. Which idea? Link to the relevant changelog so I can find it.

@trueuser Thanks, I’ve amended the medals.

Quote system broke or somethingScreenshot_20200408_160524this is from Early Access version 37

IIRC I reported that, long ago. It was about the planets, how they dissapear for a second when I launch the game, then everything got back to normal.

@ScarletCuboids Ah, I see. Yes, I’ll change this to an idea medal.

@Nikito: That doesn’t sound like the same bug. If you can find the original link, I’ll look into it.

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This the only thing I can find so far. I said back then about that the bug was added to the known bugs and then you adressed that its mine(it is still).

Not same bug, denied :smiling_imp:

Look at the original post. These are two different bugs.

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I think he heard “Workaround” so he thought

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