[UPDATING…] CI2, CI3, CI4, CI5 in UVE++11

I wonder when will iA decide to remaster these episodes as well (to have capture mouse, borderless, custom touchscreen button, reset options to default) ?
Seriously though, the remastered version of CI1 makes these episodes looks like a joke (or simply, outdated)
Also, I need these episodes to have an option to backup progress (and transfer progress to holiday edition) as well. I don’t like having to farming my progress again in case of switching computer or reinstalling OS.

Chicken Invaders Complete Set on Steam has steam cloud for that
also ci2 was already remastered, the other 3 don’t look like they need a remaster

there were some updates in the past that just “retrofitted engine changes” but i’m not sure if it would be worth doing now
also modding would be a bit harder


Why do a remaster? They only need few backports of those features - Early Access version 29 - #37 by InterAction_studios

What? Absolutely not true.

You can backup save files.

This won’t happen because IA fcked save files and they work bizarrely

Now, every problem mentioned would be solved if the episodes were remade in CIU. You can read more here: Chicken Invaders Universe episodes DLCs framework

That’s what I mean. “Remastered” in my thought doesn’t mean it need to be changed in content.

Only in techical (e.g. keyboard control options). Maybe I thought wrong.
(Bonus: The cutscene in CI1 are somehow too modern and better than CI2)

A DLC content in fact would be a great idea to solve this problem I mentioned.
But there are problem: Design gap between CI2, CI3 and CI4+ are huge. Porting them to CIU requires remastering in gameplay. Even 120th anniversary has some significant difference between it and CI1.
And I don’t need to remaster the gameplay.

(Except for weapon buff, which I think they should be because I don’t want to use forks or green bullets all time :stuck_out_tongue:)

CI3 and especially CI2 sure is designed differently, but in the end it’s just some waves with chickens. And take a look how well CI3 bosses look after they were remade for CIU.

It doesn’t. CIU literally started as a mission randomizer with waves straight up stolen from CI4 and CI5 (like, really, they even had the same scripted explosions when defeating bosses). Even now IA could release CI4 episode DLC and the only thing missing would be the Cutscenes and Hen Solo assist.

Well yeah. 120th anniversary is a fun remake of CI1. Not exactly 100% true since it’s not never ending, but it captures the experience pretty well. And that’s what you can do with other episodes.

Weapon changes won’t be backported to episodes so the episode DLCs in CIU are the only hope if you ever want to play them with all the new additions.

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Then get to it. It’s been 3 hours already and some people probably already mistook it for IA actually doing this. (which they indeed are doing when you look at the changelog but, that’s not the point)

I’ll discuss soon. I’m busy right now.