CIU version 138 BETA

based update

Temporary restored my previous reply.
The only things I would like to ask: Why did you don’t like the idea of all enemies *3 health ? :thinking:

Which version of Yolk-Star do you want to see in remastered episodes
  • 4 beams, 4 terminators
  • 5 or 6 or 7 beams, 3 terminators
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I’m using your flagship as-is (for now), but this will be eventually changed.

Fixed in 138.2 :medal_sports: Bug

Will look at all of these later.

I’m not sure what you mean.

Enemies don’t change depending on skill. I don’t think they changed in the original CI5 either.

But the enemies during the episode function as they did in CI5, not CIU.

Fixed in v.138.2 :medal_sports: Bug

HUD effects are shown on the HUD (on top of everything), so this is normal.

I noticed this as well, but it’s not easily fixable.

Fixed in v.138.2 :medal_sports: Bug

Known, will be eventually fixed.

This is not compatible with CIU, but will be supported in CI S05.

While it’s inside CIU, the normal difficulty rules apply. I’m uncertain about CI S05 yet.

There is also more enemy health.

Fixed in v.138.2 :medal_sports: Bug

The sound effect is panned. Make sure both your speakers are working (or turn off “Stereo panning” in the options)

That’s how it was in CI5, with some exceptions.

Those should still be there. Are they not?

Fixed in v.138.2 :medal_sports: Bug

Already mentioned.

Will handle later.

I’d rather keep it faithful to the original.

It depends on how many rocks you destroy. If you miss some, then your % will be less than 100.

Will fix later.

Already fixed above.

Will look at later.

Fixed in v.138.2 :medal_sports: Bug

There is also a bug that bubbles will be present on exhausts that join after boss (special needs) has been defeated on previous level, but that is tougher to fix.

Will be eventually changed for S05

Can’t reproduce. Screenshot?

There is a whole sliding scale between “original CI5” and “CI5 with CIU features”. For now I’d like to keep it towards the “original” side

No – you’ll need to wait for the official v.138


Will Leaderboard be added to DLCs?

  1. CI3 and CI4 used to have 360 degree spaceship on cutscenes, which was later removed in CI5 and CIU. Will these 360 degree spaceship be kept when these episodes remastered?
  2. Will the gravity objects (objects which fall based on player’s rotation) be added to CI4?
  3. Will CI2 have in game music?
  4. Can you please close my previous topic? I think that topic is done since we now discussed in current topic.
    [UPDATING…] CI2, CI3, CI4, CI5 in UVE++11


v.138.2 is now available.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:


If CI2/3/4/5 eventually appear in CIU, then yes, they will have their own leaderboards.




I’ve set a timer.


Hmmm… If it was real then I see that first CIU boss music (used in Dr Beaker, Bossa Nova and Henley Comet) would be suitable for Mother Hen Ship, while the second CIU boss music would be suitable for the Big Chicken and Old Military Chicken.

If we do the remaining translations in the beta version, will it be visible in the main version or not?

No, your effort will be lost. Wait for the official release.


@InterAction_studios here is it

I wouldn’t call that “green”, but… fixed in v.138.3 :medal_sports: Bug


Can you move the DLC menu to the first page?

Well, the color of the sun didn’t match the color of the rays.
Anyway, thanks for fix.

I also suggest that after mission (either win or lose), there will be a mission outcome screen appear, rather than appearing “Hall Of Fame”.

Ok also i will wait for my summer idea in next year.

In this specific wave the sounds of the chickens coming out play on the left, is this normal?

What are those red fishes?

how on EARTH you don’t know what it is Red herring cuisine, you can get it from shady dealers.