Early Access version 29

Here’s the whole screen. I have only one monitor. The bar appears at the same place for all windows, but only here the overlapping is pretty clear and eye-poking.
Graphic settings are all at default, borderless window, @1920x1080.


That’s the scroll bar (because the message doesn’t fit all in one screen), but it should only be visible when scrolling the list up/down. Will investigate.

You’re saying that you can see it even if you leave your Inbox?!

I just wanted to say thank you for implementing the borderless window mode. Because it fixed the f.lux issue and it didn’t decrease the performance of the game. At least I didn’t notice the decrease (which should happen a little because the the GPU isn’t only handling the game alone anymore).

So yeah, can you after dealing with this crazy spin-off, add the borderless mode to other games? (CI2, CI3, CI4, CI5). Or is this not possible to implement?


I thought I lost you man.

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With current RNG system and addition of new chickens I feel that “epic waves” become more often (again) and more wild. I propose limitation of certain type of enemies per wave.

For example
Eggship in SSH : 10% of total enemies in the wave

It would significantly decrease the probability of “impossible wave without dying” and if it would make the game too easy, then I propose the second suggestion to make difficulty also increase attack rate of the enemies.

For example
SSH : +20% attack rate

So the wave won’t be dependent only on the advanced enemies, but to each individual enemy.

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Back-porting borderless to older games should be straightforward enough and will be done at some point (probably starting with the Steam versions).


In case you missed it the first time, the message about the key rush mission has been re-generated, and will stick around for the next two weeks.

(if you’ve already played it, then you won’t be able to play it again)


No, in SSH anything goes!

25% maybe?

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See above.

Then how about the incoming 2 difficulties? Would be they impossible to beat?

And I don’t want to see all eggship in every wave



At any rate, it ſeems ridiculous to place ſuch harſh limits on SSH given that it’s the hardeſt level of 6. As it is, it’s already not much of a challenge, and there’s not much difference between it and the next hardeſt.

One of the ideas that didn’t make it into v.29 is a chicken breed that follows formation until it is hit once, after which it goes into berzerk mode and flies around the screen randomly (similar to how pilots from downed saucers behave now, but faster). So causing partial damage would be a strategic no-no.

Anyone want to see this in v.30?


On the topic, I’d like to see some berserk waves, in the sense that there is a formation and each chicken hit goes berserk. Just this exact thing except they aren’t a seperate breed just the mechanic. Though if I remember it isn’t available in the wave editing tools… so how will we get the og’s back eventually?


Any chance you could make it ſo that the lightning appears between the background and the action? It looks bad to have it on top.

Just want to drop this here.
What if objects that have a comet chase mission in them had an actual comet orbiting them?


Berserk waves could work. Although, I fear it might make some waves unplayable (especially the ones that are space-constrained. Still, who wants to see this feature?


I remember doing it your way when I first implemented it, but you then have to decide whether lightning is (not) scaled during the starfield zooming-in/out. Both cases look even more wrong than what it does now (consider how your spaceship would look on top of a growing lightning as the camera zooms closer).

Still, who thinks that the current way looks bad? I’d like to know.

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You should bring back the original CI2 Berserk wave

Nonono, just in the inbox, I meant it’s at the same position for all messages. Still the overlap is really poking my eyes.