Update impreſſions and thoughts on toxic chickens

Hey, ſorry for kinda goïng AWOL for months on end, but I’ve been buſy with other ſtuff and had to take a break from Chicken Invaders. Anyway, I wanted to bring up two things:

  1. I notice that ſome of the loading times are much longer than they uſed to be (eſpecially when opening the programme and before ſurrendering). Why is this?
  2. I feel like in the harder levels the incluſion of toxic chickens actuälly makes the level eaſier, not harder. I mean, ſure they reduce viſibility and mobility, but at the end of the day having a chicken that’s not actuälly ſhooting at you is a plus. My ideas to fix this would be to give them ſome kind of offenſive attack, or juſt make them leſs common over a certain difficulty threſhold. In any caſe, if poſſible I think that they ſhould be uncommon at the higheſt difficulties, except for when there are chickenauts or flyïng ſaucers of the chick variëty. If it’s poſſible to do this kind of conditional probability, I think that when there are chickenauts it ſhould lead to a very high probability of there alſo beïng toxic chickens.

Yeah. There was a change in how the game loads files (due to lags when playing):

There’s also a way to force the game to load everything when it first starts up (which will avoid in-game delays)
Mouse bug

:gear: Added loadMode (immediate, opportunistic, on-demand).
Early Access version 35

:gear: loadMode is now forced to “immediate” (temporary debugging measure).
Early Access version 36

So yeah. Right now “the most demanding” option is enabled on default which means that at the start your game all files are being loaded to your RAM. We don’t know what IA is checking with that, but weirdly I have much lower RAM usage than it should be.


Loading will go back to normal soon.

That’s just a 2-second delay to prevent accidental clicking


Ah, that makes ſenſe.
With the way the game currently works, would it be theoretically poſſible to make the toxic chickens ſhow up more often when there are chickenauts as deſcribed? Juſt ſo I know whether it’s worth bothering with this kind of concept.


No, I don’t have that much control.

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I can definetly agree that overall toxic chicken chance should be lowered on higher difficulties still, there’s just too many of them compared to the threat that they pose.


Yeah, toxic chickens are not as high-tier as some waves wold suggest - especially when you get a whole wave full of them.
I don’t actually think I’ve ever actually been hit by one, tbh.

Just a heads-up, these make the post really hard to read, btw - looks like an “I” or maybe an “L”.


Ah, yes, the famous ſ. Traveller uses it instead of “s” since I think ſ is the original s. I’m just used to it by now, as same as to everyone pointing out Traveller’s writing style : p

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Then maybe it’s time for him to change it…

It’s really easy to read, though. At this point I don’t even notice the ‘weird’ S, it just blends well like normal text to me.

Also, too many people have asked him to change it, and trust me, he ain’t doing it.


It blends, but like the letter l.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_s, in case anyone’s interested.

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