The Yolk-Star™ with maximum difficulty

i would like this to be in game but this would seem a bit impossible, maybe make 2 ucos the max only for max difficulty + SSH?


actual yolk-star with 8 lasers

Isn’t even that kinda RNG-based? One of them could easily corner you,and then the second one would finish you off by ramming into you. It would happen very often. It can happen with just 1 UCO,with 2 it would be just insane. Sometimes,the UCO will require you to go above it in order to avoid it. If there were two,you won’t be able to do tht.

if we can have 6 big chickens, then we can have 2 U.C.Os

To be honest, I think two would be way too easy. Three should be minimum, and should only appear on Tourist (and maybe on Rookie on lowest difficulty missions).

Which is why this whole ramming issue should be resolved tbh.
Really, just make them unable to go that low.

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Not sure what kind of logic is that. 6 big chickens are certainly manageable. Personally,I had almost equally as much trouble against 6 chickens as I did against the fourth UCO which can easily ram into you.
You do know that sometimes,you are absolutely required to go above the UCO if you want to avoid it,right? How would you do that if a second UCO was blocking the way? Hint: you can’t do it.
If they’ll make it possible to have 2 UCOs at a time,yes,they absolutely need to make it unable to go that low.

mhm, they should make 'em unable to go that low. or a zoom-out could work too

Please just don’t make iA “dumb down” the UCOs, they are perfect now, so what if they go low? Go above them. I never experienced issues with 'em and I play on SSH.

In unzoomed screen its nearly imposible to beat 4 U.C.O’s. The screen needs to be zoomed much as fight with the Henperor or the planetary egg city.

I meant that if they make it possible to fight 2 or more UCOs,they should make them unable to go down that much.

This is exactly what I mentioned. You can’t if there are 2 or more. The second UCO will either shoot towards you or it could attempt to ram into you,as well.
So,if they make it possible to fight 2 or more UCOs: either zoom out the screen enough for their fights,or make them unable to go that low. If they don’t make it possible,just leave the UCOs unchanged.

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Yes zoom out would be only solutions, just don’t touch the behaviour, we already have enough “dumb” bosses… Mr Egg Cannon for example.

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Yeah, “go above them”. They can move so quickly that no matter what way you choose they fly into you. And you can’t predict it because they are so chaotic. I’m all for challenge but it must be fair. UCO’s right now are frustration.

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Well then how about this:
Limit their movement (read: make them unable to go low enough to hit you when you’re at the bottom of the screen) on Tourist and Rookie (Veteran is debatable), and keep them as they are on higher difficulties.

It is fair. You can easilly dodge his slamming by going above on time, or moving outta his way.

Yeah whatever, but do it for rookie only, and I don’t see why shouldn’t bosses go low because that would make uCO extremly easy.

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