Scrap recovery

You know how only normal chickens drop food? All the new fangled technology leaves the consumer with no reliable way of getting most meat! This is why we’re introducing Nuts and Bolts! You might already know them from effects that happen upon breaking mettalic parts, but we want you to collect them!

They will act like food and be just as big. They will drop instead from barriers, UFO pods and other enemies and bosses. Now you won’t need to worry on missing out on higher difficulties from those sweet keys!

You’ll be able to sell them at a new scrapyard (where perhaps you could occasionaly see some cheap equipment, or even timed (old/rusty) ones (Though this could be an idea of itself)) or alternatively at the weapon & equipment shop (The one with the rocket on top). The scrap will have a higher selling price than food, but will obviously be more rare and hard to get because most mettalic enemies are difficult and hard to come by.

Rules and regulations of the Galactic Part Recovery Pact of 2176 do not apply, see page 18 , article 16 of the Free Space Constitution.


Nice Idea I like it


(I imagine “Rusty Hero medal” sell 10 000 bolts at once)

2 questions:
1)The ui wouldn’t be too messy with another counter?
2)So… metallic bosses Like Egg Cannon and Ucos will drop tons of these bolts or they won’t? Because if they will drop a lot this Will overflow the game economy but if they won’t it wouldn’t make sensePreformatted text

  1. I don’t think so
  2. We can always leave the bosses like they are, not dropping anything or coins (I don’t think it’s that bad while enemies do drop them). But bosses dropping big burgers don’t destroy the economy, so slightly more scrap probably won’t either. Time spent on the boss is still probably less time efficient than killing enemies both on food and scrap if to be added.
  1. ok… you convinced me
    I was wrong

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