Test server

Test server, instead of crashing down the whole server (because of cheating for example), causing everyone in it to be kicked, or get their clients to crash, there should be another server made for these stuff, so if it crashed, no one will have their fun over. It’ll also be better so you don’t accidently lose your main account.

It can also contain these features, since it is just for finding issues in the game easier:

  • Only a 2 constellations and 2 wormholes.
  • Not everyone can join it.
  • Players joining start with 10k of keys, food, and fuel.
  • No competitive missions there.
  • A few npc’s that never despawn.
  • Anything can be sold, even if it’s the only one remaining, or it’s currently used. (Unless it’s a squadron)

So, what do you think about it?
It’ll prevent any issues from happening like the one we had 2 days ago, it’ll also make finding exploits & cheats easier. If anything happens, only this server will be affected, regular players can normally play the game without problems. (Not to be used for fun purposes.)


That’s great. uhmmm

For sure the configuration of this mechanism might be complicated for iA to implement it


It might, but in the end, it’ll make finding bugs waaaay easier, without players getting ‘annoyed’.


Impractical. A testing server would require double the resources (VPS & databases) and hence would double my costs. Not to mention the extra time to configure/maintain/administer it. Finally, it would not catch all errors – the code coverage with such a small number of players would be very poor.

Nevertheless, I’m considering some kind of beta server to test new updates when the iOS version comes (which will impossible to patch immediately, as with the PC version)


Try releasing the game in Huawei app gallery for Android
Better than play store
My friend is a game programmer with a nice and small community
But his games got removed from play store for copy right reasons which isn’t real
But he released it in Huawei app gallery and nothing happened till now
But he sadly stopped working in those games

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Only Huawei phone owners can download it if you release it there


what about a custom dedicated server like for minecraft?

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Isn’t Multiplayer the same thing anyways


Anybody can download Huawei app gallery
Download it from there website
It works on every phone Huawei themselves said that


I have huawei honor 10 lite and I can do it

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Can it be a specific map then in the same server? Or, a specific mode in the exact same server, as long as whatever you’re doing doesn’t affect your main account or competitive missions, (Such as the keys you get so you get stuff easier, and you never lose items you sell from your account), and once you relog, the mode is disabled by default, so you won’t get stuck either. With the ability to reset that mode, so if your client constantly crashes for smth, you can reset it. Such a mode will be good, so that I wont spend time grinding for an experiment, and if anything bad happens, it wouldn’t affect anyone.

Not everyone in the game cheats, right?

Can’t you just do all that stuff in the same server? With a specific iOS mode on PC that people can test all iOS features with their mouse + keyboard.

I see a lot of people hearting this, would it be that be a fine solution that can be done at some point as long as it doesn’t increase your costs?


Not just cheats, it’s just that we can just use the whole community (larger samples) for a better chance of detecting rare errors.

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iA said that a few players wouldn’t cover all errors, while not all players in the game currently cheats so.

If there is ever a beta server, then we can re-use the beta server as a crash-testing server. But not until then.


How much does server cost you?
Because i don’t really understand why would it even cost?
How do you pay it? Do you pay it in dollars or another currency?
How is this system working? Or I can ask what do you actually pay for when you are working on game?
Except for internet, electricity, etc…

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options.xml file:

anti-cheat: true / false
stars: true / false
planets: true / false
min-distance-between-stars: value
max-distance-between-stars: value
min-distance-between-planets: value
max-distance-between-planets: value
min-distance-between-moons: value //or satellites
max-distance-between-moons: value //or satellites
min-distance-between-constellations: value
max-distance-between-constellations: value
min-distance-between-wormholes: value
max-distance-between-wormholes: value
max-players: value
multiplayer: true / false
wormholes: true / false


why would I even waste my time on it/


it should be min-star-dist, max-star-dist, max-planet-dist, min-planet-dist,… because we make var names to be short and easy to understand


yup exactly

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