[Suggestion] RGB/HEX Values on advanced color screen

Recently custom colors have been added to the game, in the form of HSB sliders, and while I’m not against this format in specific, I think there should be a little bit more inputs.

For those looking for what it looks like, here you go:

This idea is about adding inputs for RGB and/or HEX color values to this screen, and while sliders can be a pain to some, especially for those that need to remember specific colors, this could serve as an alternative to such.

Below is a little mockup of how that could look:


And, that’s pretty much it. Regarding the usefulness of this idea, it can serve as an easier way to add specific colors, or share them with others.

Let me know of your opinions on this idea, and any changes that can be made.


It’d also be nice to have sliders for things like wingstreak opacity and shininess strength.

Aside from that, I’m also curious as to the reasoning behind limiting the brightness slider for most color options.



Weren’t RGB color values already suggested?

Kinda, this is mostly adapting this into the new system

oh yes we definetly need this

It should be noted Heavy Bomber’s colour value to appearance needs to be fixed, example being when you choose white for the base paint it comes out more of a light silver & when you choose white for the cockpit it comes out as a light beige.

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Added to v.112 :medal_sports: Idea