Spectator mode

Spectator mode, where you can watch people play missions. Like people from your contacts, when you click on the profile there will appear an option with an eye icon named “Spectate Player” Clicking this button will make you go into spectator mode, you can’t control anything and you just watch the player play. If you want to quit press esc “Quit Spectator Mode” When the mission is over, spectator mode quits automatically and puts you back on the contact screen.


Already suggested


Don’t just say already suggested, throw the link also (ToS states that)

I’ve tried to search deeply but didn’t find it

Just saw it. too bad

just search “spectate”

Yeah, now i found it

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Sometimes already suggested require help to find the old posts

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Multiplayer would have to be added before this


That idea you linked is different. The idea that the op is talking about is making a player watch one of their contacts playing a mission, While the idea you linked mentioned chatting only with contacts.

Not exactly. Here you would just need to have a replay system added. It’s easier to add than full multiplayer.

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Here’s it…

Yes, correct link


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