My super idea:Can I see your gaming?

I thought about seeing gaming of other people.
So you can see a poor view about a person gaming and if you click on it , person’s mission’s information and a button for see gaming will visible:

and if you select the button your view is like this:

and if you are gaming and other are seeing your view is like this:

And at last if you aren’t seeing mission and a person is gaming you see this:

Excuse me I mentioned some members of the forum(in images).
I hope you like my idea. :wink:


As cool as this idea actually is and how much I’d want this in game as well

Implementation is the pain (plus multiplayer not being very popular in the episodes :cry:)

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But how about a sad icon when the player dies
And you can do this on Discord

also already suggested lol

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Oh I forgot say this.
If player explosions and you aren’t see fighting you see player’s explosion.
And if player game overs enemies will back to planet and player will come back.

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WOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWW, i think this is the best, and no, it will not be existant, it’s impossible

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Just like school fights and the other students screams FIGHT FIGHT! :joy:

P.S. If the multiplayer comes, there can be a option which you can go and help to your friend in the mission, like old games by pressing F2 to help your friend.


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