Stream to Contacts from In-Missions

I think a In-Mission stream option would be cool for contacts. Like I want to watch my friend while he plays a game. But also there should be an option for enabling and disabling the stream option.

Stream system wont work as video systems. The server will only want the ships and chickens places, projectiles etc. So it wont have lag, crash the server, fps problems or resolution problems
Please join the pool and tell me your ideas if needs more improvement.

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I think this will be realy hard for servers. Good idea but hard to implement. Can’t Steam do the same thing?

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2 ways:

  1. video stream - yeah, no chance. Servers probably won’t have a great time if many people stream video using them.

  2. replays - do you remember “replays” idea? This way we could just stream replay file. This would be more server friendly, but first we need to make replays system.

Yeah, that was my thought too. This idea, or ſomething ſimilar anyway, actuälly occurred to me a few weeks back (great minds the alike, eh?), but it ſeemed impractical to the point that I didn’t bother to mention it. Well, that’s part of why I didn’t type it up. The other reaſon is that I always forgot when I was online.

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What if server works as a side connector. Like we are making stream and sending it via our IPV4. Like the system of hamachi.

Check the upper message.

In CI3 there was a debug playback option for replaying recorded multiplayer games. Maybe something similar could be used here?

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Well. Still it would be best used with second way because someone can have not-so-great internet connection and this way if another person decides to watch it they wouldn’t get a cutting 144p 20FPS video, but just replay file which can be interpreted in the game in any resolution you want.

It wont be video. Stream will send the ships coordinats, chicken coordinats etc. So it will be always high quality. Of course that will waste less internet than video system.

That’s what I’m writing about.

Uhhh, no? You are talking about fps and resolution. These things wont drop because connection will only want chicken ship places etc. Of course if player has really bad connection that may cause lag but that would be really minor.

At least sending only a few info is easier than sending the whole screen.

So I was right that people don’t actually read posts here.

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Which post did you mention it? Replay system is already suggested and I am talking about live.


I am talking about live. You can upload your replays to youtube…


I read it. But I am trying to explain the system, how can it be.

I just updated the topic for some more info. I think we shouldnt mess with resolution. Or fps in this system.

Yes, replays were already suggested so you just need to do them first and then do the file streaming system next and fuse them by making it stream the file.

Also you were accusing me of telling about fps and resolution and not coordinates of game objects, but I was writing about it in my first post (I just shorted it to “remember the replays idea?” because I know that you saw it and some users on forum also saw it (+ there’s also search function for those who didn’t see it)). And then you tried to tell me that I didn’t mention live but I also did wrote “stream replay file”. You can’t stream something and don’t make it live. Sending file and streaming it is different.

Here’s the Replay Feature topic