New Mission Type: Survival

How does it work?
Well it works like this.
You have infinite waves, and the most you can survive the better rewards.
There can be also hardcore survival mode.
Where you have to survive as long as you can with only 1 life.
There should be a boss every 10 waves,
The further waves you get, the harder it becomes.
I think someone else has suggested this but i dont know.


Yeah i thought so

Already Suggested, a lot of times
i shared this topic to notice you what this was suggested many times

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Please use that:

how the hell do i delete this post

flag it with a reason then it will be deleted. or unlisted.

How do i flag it?

Click on the 3 dots on your post, then you’ll see a addtional option, it’s the flag button, now click on it and it will flag your post, be sure to add a reason when flagging in other rather than the listed options.

yeah where is the flag button

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Wait what? I thought there was a flag button! it was removed… I forgot that…

Flagging was disabled for users below Regular Trust Level.


Oh right. Thanks for the info though.

Just gonna wait then :confused:

Doesn’t the button with trash icon work? That is if you really want to delete this topic.

Nope it doesn’t. Only TL4 users can do that. Understanding Discourse Trust Levels


Ehh. Discourse and it’s weird way of doing things.

BTW, I learned that you can change names of trust levels. So instead of “Basic” you can call it “Tourist”. Maybe we can think of names to rename all trust levels.

EDIT: I’m gonna make it a topic just in case this one gets deleted.


Indeed. This looks like a good idea. Never heard about that before.

Why? Because of spam flags?

I guess so. And I guess because most of the flags were for no reason and they were nonsense.

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