New Event Mission: Eternity Challenge

The Idea of the Event is simple, Didn’t involve really much of thought in it but I have nothing to lose, So here is it:

Basically, The Challenge is like Endless mode, This mode will measure how enhanced are your skills. Here is how it works:

  1. Obviously it will have infinite numbers of waves, and each stage have 10 waves, after each stage the difficulty increases by 20%. (So starting from wave 50 means %100 difficulty, note that the difficulty keeps infinitely increasing).

  2. The mission will allow the player to have at least 10 lives and 6 random superweapons, 3 random perishables, 2 random huds. random heat sinks, etc. and so on (so the competition can be fair for everyone).

  3. This one, Well, I was confused about it, I will poll it below to see which one seems fit, So I confused that we starts with either random ships or our main ships. but I prefered the second one to be unique from Pot Luck missions, However I will still poll the thing below.

  4. It experies/ host a new after the period that space races takes to expire/host a new one.

  5. The challenge doesn’t include difficulties like easy, medium, hard (Like Daily Challenge, Weapon training, Pot luck).

  6. Can be flown once.

  7. It ends once you lose all your lives.

  8. Position in leaderboards are arranged due to how many waves flown.

Finally after I have said the details, time for the poll about the third property:

Do you want this challenge to give randomized ships?
  • Yes.
  • No. Better with our main ships.

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And Finally:

Do you like this challenge and wish it to be into the game?
  • Yes.
  • Neutral.
  • No.

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This is all with the idea, hope you respect it.

Have a good day, Folks.


Ranking depends on points or waves survived?

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Yeah it depends on the player performance.

I mean ranking will depend on which one? Most of the challenges rank players by scores, only space race rank by flight time.

Your challenge topic has more interesting for normal mission. Not like me that my challenge topic is required on league only as CLC, which might be more popular soon when the new things coming.

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I wonder if it would be a good idea to rank people by the wave they reached. Then if two people reached the same wave, rank them based on their score too.


OK, ranking by wave reached is prior to score, you can win by not dying oh yeah.

However, I wonder if max difficulty locked to 100% is… hard enough. Imagine you use BX-9 with max power, clearing such wave might not be too hard if you dodge well. The challenge will then testing the endurance rather than skills.

Forgot the % difficulty. I think difficulty can keep increasing linearly by increasing enemies’ health and projectile speed. It will gradually become insanely hard, but it prevent the possibility of going very very far and make skills really into the challenge. I think players won’t want to keep playing it for like hours or days to ensure they get to the top, they need to leave the challenge to play other things.

Perhaps. Well it’s not the first time someone has suggested an endless mode. One of the suggestions before involved endless mode where difficulty isn’t capped. So it just keeps increasing forever, which would solve this issue.
Link: Special mission: Endless battle

Well As I have said before, it depends on skills, the one who does best gets the first place. and I wanted this one to be a bit unique from others.

I didn’t mention that difficulty keeps increasing, it stops at %100, I am not that crazy to suggest something to have it’s difficulty buffed continously lol.

that’s something very worrying. I will be forced to make the challenge only can be flown once. maybe that will solve it.

Ok but that tells us nothing about how players are ranked.

We’re aware, and QuackQuack pointed out it shouldn’t be that way.

That’s not going to solve anything. In fact, it just worsens the issue because people will play for hours in order to make sure they get the best score since they won’t get a second chance…maybe even for days. Since difficulty is capped at 100%, people could technically go on forever.


by skills. by performance.

Edit: If you want it by score, then this challenge equals pot luck and be useless, except that it has endless waves. in better means, it’s no unique and useless.

How? they will definitely suffer any casualties at maximum difficulties. you can tell me to cap the difficulty at %140 if that solves the thing or makes you comfortable.

I don’t think there would be a player dare to go onto a game 24/7.

way that increases continously or stops at 100%?

This could be anything. Getting into higher waves, getting more score, using least amount of equipment possible. “skill and performance” are very broad terms. How does the game decide on who had better skill?

That it shouldn’t stop at 100%.

They would if the challenge revolves around getting as far as possible. Granted I’d be interested in seeing this in practice to see just how long people could actually survive. Maybe I’m overestimating players, but if not, then they could easily just keep going on and on endlessly.
Either way I do like the idea of the difficulty increasing past 100% regardless of all this. Would be interesting to see.

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ah I understood what you mean. Well, the one who gets the highest wave possible gets the first place. lemme edit that.

Hm ok. Increasing difficulty infinitely might guarantee that players suffer casualties at higher waves.
lemme edit that too

Even the most strongest player might not stand excessive difficulties for sure.

should it be capped at 140%
otherwise miniboss spam would happen for almost every wave

I understood his statement as he wanted the difficulty to be increasing infinitely. So this would be where we start losing or suffering. it is fine to still have it capped at %140. but would be better to poll it?

It shouldn’t go over 140% or else it’s gonna get insanely hard that even pro players will fall to their knees

Eh, I think pro players should indeed fail at somewhere or else the game’s gonna take forever. 140% seems not enough for them, if you are ranked by wave flown, you only need to survive and it’s easier to not do anything than try to kill all the enemies for points.

Besides that, having a mission to go beyond 140% is fun to experience though. It will push our skills to real limit, where the main thing to do is just survive become extremely difficult.

Considering its length, I think it should be organized weekly and allow each player to fly only once.


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