Someone is trying to change the values

Hello :wave: in a new topic. I recently saw in YouTube how can some players cheat or edit game data to control the server. We all know that who cheats, IA will kick him out the server. For example they can edit firepower number, speed and more…

The following video will show how can players cheat

[Early Access] Chicken Invaders Universe | MOST SATISFYING EXPERIMENT EVER (Read the description) - YouTube

I recommend IA Studios should close server permanently for people who try cheating :thinking:

Bruh. That’s sandbox mode for testing purposes made by iA himself

And no need to worry, he has a super log. He sees everything.


Sparkle, did you see how old this video is? jeez, it’s just the Weapon Balancing Spreadsheet, made by IA, that is not a cheat, you will be kicked after quote-on-quote “using” the spreadsheet

How he got ~50 satellites and Henterprise not got any damage ?

I saw videos of @EmeraldBirb with Console Features, but in WIKI i didn’t understand what i need for getting Console Menu in CIU

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He healed the Henterprise by giving a negative damage to the Barbequers and then attacked it.

You cannot anymore, even because it’s illegal, and iA removed the remainder of Debug features some versions ago.

It was made for people who propose balance changes to the weapons so that they can test it out in the game before submitting the values to iA. Mission progress on that is not counted.


But cheat can continue and has no age

Understand that there’s a difference between the Weapon Data Spreadsheet and Cheat Engine.
The hacking is as follows:

The spreadsheet has different rules from the cheating.
Re-read the rules again:

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Yes :+1: this one of smartest types of cheating

I don’t call it cheating. I call it experiment with weapon balances.


Ever heard of Creative mode?

for sure no

Bruh, you call the sandbox for testing made by developer himself a cheat tool. Bravo, you’re smart.

Changing data considers cheating

I give up. Idk how am I going to convince you that’s not a cheat tool.

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Yes it is not but you can turn it into a cheat tool by changing values

No it doesn’t and the weapon data spreadsheet isn’t made for cheats. Therefore the excel file you use as a sandbox mode for testing purposes

No need to worry. IA have super logs. He sees everything.

And the server will kick you out if there’s anything that considered a hack.

Guys I only show one of cheat ways why are you all angry then ?