Slobnaut chicken mini boss idea 💡

As you can see, I made the slobnaut chicken breed and now it has become an idea. This chicken is a combination of chickenaut and slob, for which I designed two types of blows, which, if added to the game, uses only one of them (action studios make this decision).

Difficulty: between 70% and 80%
Attack 1:
Throws three wastes around (almost like a chickenaut but it throws a green arrow).

Throwing distance: Like chickenaut when throwing a green arrow.
Attack 2:
He shoots three green rounds (the same one that the chickenaut throws) from all around him (similar to the main slob that does this once).
Throwing distance: Like slob when throwing waste from all around of him.

If you didn’t understand something tell me


Suggested a long time by me

But back then I was less experienced in creating graphics, so I appreciate your editing.


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