Ghost Chicken

The idea is that Ghost Chicken, like Toxic Chicken, has no attack. From a distance, you can’t kill him in any way, the bullets will penetrate him, the only way is to approach him very closely, which will materialize and he will want to fly (like the Ninja Chick) into the hero, so you have to kill him quickly. Nothing happens after killing him. The best weapon on Ghost Chicken is Lightning Fryer. Good Cluck Recruits!


any weapon can kill him.

Yes, but Lightning Fryer is the fastest on Ghost Chicken :).

Is the best to defeat the ghost. :smile:

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The Ninja Chick mechanic might be a bit much, but a Chicken you have to get close to attack would be a pretty cool (high-tier, of course) enemy. I think the big thing on how viable this is should be how “close” you have to actually get to be “close”.

I also like it thematically a lot more than some other suggestions - ghost idea is simple, easy to convey in-game, suits the mechanic, and distinct from other things that already exist.
The coward chicken would be the closest thing in visual design simply because it’s blue (and tbh I don’t understand why it’s blue).

Needs some refining, but has my support. :wink:


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