Enemies that may appear in the game

I developed 4 new enemies.

  1. Toxic Coward:
    It’s a combination of Toxic and Coward Chicken. Works like a regular coward, but leaves Toxic Cloud when killed!
  2. Slobnaut:
    It’s a combination of Chickenaut and Slob. He is wearing a helmet and lower armor (which breaks at 50% health). Works like a regular Slob, but also shoots lasers like the Chickenaut.
  3. Ghost Chicken:
    This guy made his debut here: Ghost Chicken
    but I decided to change it a bit.
    It works like a normal chicken, which means it releases eggs, but occasionally it dematerializes and is momentarily impossible to kill by any means. After which it materializes again.
  4. UFO Gatling Gun:
    Henpire Forces experimented with a combination of UFO and Chick Gatlnig Gun and here it is!
    Has 2 health bars, after losing one (50% health). Glass just falls apart. Works like a CGG, but fires single green lasers like a UFO.

This will be my last big idea for a long time. Good Cluck Recruits!


toxic coward has already been suggested

Where, then? link to the topic also. Don’t just say “already suggested”


You mean it dematerializes?


I was looking for this word, thanks!

I’m sure toxic coward and slob chickennaut are kinda op if spawning system isn’t tweaked yet.

If I collide with ghost chicken while it’s dematerialized, do I die?

No, when it dematerializes its hitbox is disabled.

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