Ships changes

The IA added a new ship in the system. Probably they will add the Hen Solo ship in the future and other ships. I played with the new ship and i found many things:

  1. The ship is moving slow. It is normally since it is a big ship. You could add new upgrades (like reactor or engine) to all ships to make them to move faster.

  2. The ship has different levels of upgrades (power ups). The max for this ship is 23 power ups, but the starting is limited at 8, if you have the weapon upgraded to the max. You could let us to upgrade the weapons to other levels than 8, but you will decide the starting point for each ship. For example, this one can start from 10 or more.

  3. Other visual effects should be changed. Using the strobe lights, i only have two of them, one in the left and one in the right. Since the ship is larger, you could add more of them.

  4. The front satellite should be moved on the back side. We cannot see the eggs because of it. I think that the position of the satellites from the previous CI versions is the best.


Just use the maneuvering jets.

The max depends on the ship. BX-6 through BX-9 have a max level of 23, 24, 25 and 26 respectively.
Frankly, upgrading weapons past :zap:8 would be overkill.

I like it, actually. It’s a very good spot for a Barbequer.


Yeah, it’s nice to have a front shield in such a thicc ship.

I did suggested one a while ago regarding custom satellite position.

Also, the first variant of BX-9 already have satellite slots on the front.

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